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Cervicitis is one of the common gynecopathy, but how cervicitis happened in daily life? What can we do for preventing cervicitis? What is the difference between the medical treatment of acute and chronic cervicitis medication? Let us introduce them to you.

Three bad habits will lead to cervicitis.

1, Blind with vaginal washing fluid

Many women blind to choose washing fluid to clean vagina,some of them are simulative and frequently use will cause great damage to the environment for the vagina, as a result causing the deterioration of the condition.

2, Long-term use pads

Long-term use pads will also affect the occurrence of cervicitis, it is airtight and easy to cause infection. It is the point that women often overlooked.

3, Sedentary for a long time


Many people like sitting for a long time, especially office white-collar. Sitting for a long time can make the poor perineal breathable and it will suffocate blood circulation then more prone to infection cervicitis.

Cervicitis main have the symptoms of leucorrhoea grow in quantity, abnormal bleeding, bleeding after intercourse, etc. Often accompanied by lumbar acid and lower abdominal discomfort. IN gynecologic examination will show up as cervical inflammation, cervical mucosal eversion or mucosa edema, vascular congestion. And there are a large number of neutrophil infiltration around cervical mucosa and submucosal tissue.

What medicine is good for treating chronic cervicitis?

1, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese medicine is good for treating more vaginal discharge, the color is yellow, abnomal smell of discharge or purulent and with blood of vaginal discharge. Sexual intercourse pain or bleeding after intercourse. Frequently micturition and itching vagina. Proprietary Chinese medicine: Fuyanpills, a small bag each time, 2 times a day, take them with warm water after a meal.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of chronic cervicitis also has a good effect. The traditional Chinese medicine treatment divided into inside treatment and external treatment. Inside treatment divided cervicitis into two types: type of hot and humid, and type of hot and toxic.

Type of hot and humid treats with clear the hot and humid. Type of hot and toxic treats with heat-clearing and detoxifying.Fuyan pills are available for treating both of them.

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