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PID, the abbreviation of pelvic inflammatory disease, can not only affect women's quality of life, but also can lead to infertility, ectopic pregnancy and other negative effects. PID refers to the inflammation around internal genital organs and the surrounding connective tissue in women. With the development of the society, the incidence of PID becomes higher and higher. What's more, some bad habits in your daily life will make you be more likely to get PID.

1. Not pay much attention to individual sanitary during period

In menstrual period, stripped endometrium can cause blood sinus expansion which will create a good environment for bacteria breeding. If one doesn't pay attention to personal vaginal health at this time, for example using unclean napkin and having sexual life, the bacteria can invade into the genital tract easier and cause PID by uplink spread.

Each female should keep vagina clean and change underwear frequently to keep reproductive organs clean and dry.

2. Have excessive sex intercourse and not pay attention to sanitation

Unsanitary sexual intercourse is also an important cause of PID. For example, if one has frequent sex and ignores local sanitation before sex, or doesn't urinate timely after repeated sex or even has sexual life during periods, all of these bad habits will destroy the balance of the normal flora in the vagina because of the bacteria brought from outside space and cause rapid growth and reproduction of the bacteria. By this procedure, PID can be easily caused by uplink spread of the bacteria.


Thus, every female should remember to protect your private organs while enjoy sex.

3. Low self-resistance ability

Some pathogenic bacteria exist in the angina in female in nature. These bacteria will not make trouble if you have strong self-resistance ability. On the other side, those bacteria will invade in your body and PID can be easily caused of you are at low self-resistance ability.

Consequently, every female should pay attention to keep regular lifestyle with proper exercises to strengthen your own resistance ability.

4. Repeated abortion

Repeated abortion is also one common cause of PID in young women. With the development of the medical technology, painless abortion is the most abortion way which can reduce the pain of women. However, it makes female mistakenly think it as a small deal and not pay much attention to do birth control during sex. What's worse, some women may choose abortion in some informal clinic with informal and unsanitary medical surgery to avoid many people and comprehensive checking procedures. This will lead to genital inflammation and so on.

In a word, each female should avoid the bad habits mentioned above to prevent PID. And for those female, who suffer from PID unfortunately, it's suggested to get suitable treatments as soon as possible or it may cause worse effects later. Herbal medicine like Fuyan Pill is a good option compared with antibiotics, because it is made from Chinese herbs without any side effects and drug resistance. It can help PID patients get cure completely in a short time without recurrence.

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