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Though IVF is not a new term to discuss, there are several questions you might have if you are going through the treatment first time. Here we discuss some of the common questions related to IVF that might help you, however, it is always recommended to consult with your fertility doctor about the treatment in detail to learn more involved benefits and risks.

When IVF is required?

IVF was primarily introduced for those women who have issues with Fallopian Tubesand still the procedure is choice for female and male infertility. IVF is also suggested for other situations like endometriosis and unexplained infertility.

Is IVF is safe?

Likewise with whatever medical treatment, there are a few risks with IVF treatment. In any case, most IVF risks are insignificant and mild. For instance, stimulation of ovary can at times cause a state where the ovaries are painful and swollen. This may prompt to absence of appetite, vomiting or nausea.

Are hormonal treatmentsor medications has any side effects?

The side effects associated with IVF medications and hormonal treatments may vary patients to patients. However the best thing is that they are not serious and are only temporary. Moreover the hormonal treatments were previously supervised to women with infertility problems long before IVF were developed without any harmful effects.

Will the procedure of egg retrieval harm my ovaries?

As per the study, it doesn't. There have been numerous females who have experienced various egg retrievals. The way that they have reacted to stimulation on consequent events and produced eggs and pregnancies on these events intimates that the ovaries are OK after the process of egg retrieval.


How successful is In Vitro Fertilization?

There is no for sure answer of this question as the success of the treatment depends on various factors such as patient's age, her/his physiology, the specialist's skill and several other factors. In order to ensure the success of your IVF treatment, make sure to choose the clinic with experienced doctors, comfortable with a range of fertility treatments. However in some cases, IVF is not the only option to achieve pregnancy.

Is travelling allowed during IVF treatment?

Off- course not. During IVF treatment, you must be available for multiple appointments to monitor your follicles growth.

Is bleeding normal after egg retrieval?

After an egg retrieval procedure, vaginal bleeding is common. It is similar to a period and is usually from the needle puncture sites in the vaginal walls.

How long does it take for egg retrieval?

Usually the time taken for egg retrieval process depends on the number of follicles present to retrieve.

Is IVF affordable?

To be frank, IVF is a fairly costly treatment. However some insurance plan covers its cost, but not all and patients in that case need to pay out of their pocket. Fortunately, some clinics offer financing options to make the treatment accessible for those who can't afford it. And obviously, some alternatives to IVF are there to help which are less expensive than IVF.

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