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It is known that having a little baby is one of the most important thing to a family. However in today's society there are more and more women losing the opportunity of being a mother because of different kinds of gynecological diseases. According to the research abnormality of tubal becomes one of the biggest reasons of infertility. The abnormality of tubal contains two different situations, tubal blockage and damage on fallopian tube. Many people think they are the same, however they are two different diseases. Then what's the relationship and differences between these two?

Both of them are diseases of fallopian and can cause terrible consequences. Fallopian tube plays a very important role in pregnancy, which is responsible for delivering sperm and oosperm to the uterine cavity, so tubal blockage and damage on fallopian tube can both prevent the passing of sperm and egg, causing infertility even extrauterine pregnancy.



Tubal Blockage is a common gynecological disease, often caused by inflammation and bacterial infection. In general, there is no typical symptoms, the most common performance is infertility, that is to say it is very hard to find it at first, so it is very important for female to do physical examination. Some patients would be very panic once they found the disease and most of them choose to do operate to cure it, which takes lots of money. However the tubal blockage is a kind of chronic inflammation which means it could be cured by taking medicine. Now there are many pills treating gynopathy and most of them are very effective such as fuyan pill.

On the other hand, damage on fallopian tube is a very serious lesion which can cause great harm to female. This kind of disease is often caused by the change of blood, congestion and metergasis of ovary, ovariorrhexis, extrauterine pregnancy and so on. The symptoms of it are amenorrhea, stomachache, syncope even shock. Damage on fallopian can be vital, and patients should do operate as soon as they found that.

From these we can see that tubal blockage and damage on fallopian tube are totally two kinds of diseases. And people should treat them differently, for those whose fallopian tube is damaged it is necessary to do operate, on the other hand it is much better to take medicine, such as fuyan pill.

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