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Sexual relationship with multiple partners, growing age, childbirth and poor diet are responsible for loose genital passage in women. Many women are searching online desperately to tighten their loose genital passage. But, most of the products are developed using chemicals to offer faster tightening results. Women, who use such products, are likely to suffer from side effects. Therefore, women are advised to choose herbal products to tighten their loose vaginal walls.

Vg-3 tablets are developed after several years of research by top-notch healthcare professionals. It is free from chemicals and additives. You can use Vg-3 tablets without any fear to tighten genital passage. It offers excellent herbal remedy for loose vagina. Women, who are suffering from loose vaginal walls after childbirth and pregnancy, are advised to use Vg-3 tablets to tighten grip of vaginal walls.

Expansion of vaginal walls is natural during pregnancy and childbirth. You can regain lost elasticity and tightness using Vg-3 tablets. It has got proven and tested herbal ingredients like Dridbeeja, Alum, Suhaga, Gulab, Manjakani and Juhi. All these ingredients in right combination cleanse the genital passage and keep it healthy. It rejuvenates, moisturizes, cleanses and tightens vagina. All the ingredients used in this tablet have been in use by Asian women for enjoying better grip and prevent bad smell in genital passage fighting harmful bacteria. It also reduces mucus vaginal discharge and eases itching in vaginal area. Therefore, it is one of the best herbal products to tighten their loose vaginal walls and enjoy enhanced sexual pleasure in lovemaking.

Alum Aka Dridhranga helps to prevent vaginal infections. It has anti-bacterial properties and offers the best tightening results.

Manjakani has got anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It works as a powerful astringent. It also has got anti-septic properties to eliminate bacteria and yeast infections. It safeguards your genital passage from bad odor and itching.


Dridbeeja, which has got high tannic acid content and astringent properties, controls bleeding, vaginal discharge, irritations and infections and excess mucus. Gulab has got relaxing and rejuvenating properties. It improves blood flow to genital. It maintains normal pH balance in genitals. Suhaga, which has got anti-septic properties, fights infections and keeps you healthy.

Juhi is another herb in Vg-3 tablet to heal wounds and improve skin strength naturally. In view of all these sexual health benefits, it is one of the effective herbal products to tighten their loose vaginal walls.

Regular use of Vg-3 tablets tightens your vagina and makes you feel like a virgin. It improves sensitivity and lubrication in your genital passage. It helps to regain youth and enjoy intense sexual pleasure in lovemaking through offering tight genital passage to your male partner.

You may ask why women need to choose only Vg-3 tablets. It helps to maintain highest hygiene in genitals. It helps both the partners to enjoy mind-blowing orgasm during coition. It is developed using potent and natural ingredients to offer effective tightening results from day one.

To enjoy faster vaginal tightening results, you are advised to insert one Vg-3 tablet in your genital passage just half an hour before lovemaking. It gets dissolved and starts offering tightening results. You can buy Vg-3 tablets from reputed and reliable online stores and enjoy the best tightening results.

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