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Nowadays, for a career oriented woman it becomes difficult to conceive a child. Almost 15% of women who have touched the age line of 37-40 years are failing to conceive within a one year span. Thus, the situation of not becoming pregnant of these women gave birth of new technology like IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), which results the Test-Tube babies or ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection). In India egg donation is the anonymous form of infertility.

However, it is possible for couples over the age of 45 to adopt a child, but Indian government mostly prefers the younger parents to do so.This is possible with infertility centres in india only.

Only when a woman have multiple cycles of test tube babies and still failed to become pregnant, can opt for egg donation procedure. Even, the younger women who have permanently damaged ovaries can opt for radiation or chemotherapy for cancer. Even it is possible to allow egg donation to the people, who is carrying major chromosomal defects. In order to stop this genetic defect to be spread among the children, people use egg donation. Even, people start producing poor quality eggs, when they start suffering from severe Endometriosis and tuberculosis.

Infertility treatment details :

Like everywhere else, both doctors and patients in infertility centres in india face a common problem that is the unavailability of eggs. Even, it is suggested to patients that the chosen egg donors in india , who is not related anyhow to the patient must voluntarily participate for such donation.


In case of voluntary donation, it is expected that the donor will not ask for any reward in return. Even,in some western countries college girls are paid up to thousands of US dollars if they donate their eggs.

In Indian society, there are numbers of laws present, where a paid donation is strictly condemned. Even clinics in Indian do not endorse such practice of paid egg donation.

In recent years, Government of India has appointed Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to ensure the legal practices on egg donation. So as per the laws also donation of eggs can be done easily.

Recently a new approach of egg donation has come forth. In such case during the donation tenure, if a donor produces 8-10 eggs, then the patients applied for eggs are asked to share the eggs with some similar patients. However, doctors also consent with the egg donors in india in this matter. In such case, the additional recipient must also bear the medical treatment for the donor. In this case, both the donor and recipients get their respective benefit. This solution works like a boon, when a mother is unable to afford the IVF and decides to bare charges for donor's medical treatment.

However, this is not only a process that involves two or more people sharing eggs, rather denotes the relationship between two women in need. While this concept is working for a goal to bear the child, it stood itself safe, legal, ethical and accepted method in Indian society with the help of advanced reproductive technology.

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