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Although it seems very unreasonable but it is a stark reality that with the advancement in her age there comes a steep deterioration in the quality of the eggs of a woman which makes the chances of her pregnancy doubtful. Talking about the female fertility, the Best Gynecologist in Gurgaon Doctor Ragini Agrawal states that female fertility has mainly to do with the quality of its eggs rather than its quantity. At the same time, men may also have to compete with their biological clock. Things vary from individual to individual, however downward transformation in the quality of eggs as well as sperms takes place along with the wheel of time. With her long experience Doctor Ragini shares her opinions about the life cycle of male sperms and female eggs in the following spots:


  1. Early twenties: Women are born with millions of eggs and out of which 100-200 thousands remain alive. But the quality of these existing eggs is incredibly high. The chances of conception are higher during this time interval. On the other hand, the sperms of men are only about three months old and it does take some time to mature.
  2. Late twenties: There comes a trivial deterioration in the fertility of females. However there are still seventy percent chances of getting pregnancy. Relentless trials will certainly take to your destination subjected to the conditions if all other medical parameters are perfect. On the contrary if men engrosses in heavy drinking, smoking or other ecological toxins then there will be a sharp decline in his fertility standards.
  3. Early Thirties: Women may have less number of eggs as compared to their twenties, as they begin to lose around 1000 eggs per cycle.
  4. Late Thirties: Eggs start to develop chromosomal issues and there are only 54 percent chances of attaining pregnancy after the relentless trial of one year. Furthermore, the chances of miscarriage are also higher as compared to previous stages. Men start to produce abnormally shaped sperms which might lead to a few complications in born children.

Looking at the above mentioned conditions, Doctor Ragini advises every couple to plan for family as early as possible in its wedding life, since any procrastination at this juncture may invite unnecessary troubles at the later stage of life.

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