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Being a woman is a challenge in itself and adding to it in numerous issues pertaining to female health. Bad health among females also impacts the health of families and communities which are associated with every women world across, the illness or death of a woman has serious and far-reaching consequences for the health of her children, family, and community.

Women's health refers to health issues specific to female anatomy. A woman's health is her total well-being, which is determined not solely by biological factors but also by various factors that may be workload, nutrition, mental stress, or it could be social differences as well. All these can adversely affect the health of a female. One very prominent one is females, still in many parts of the globe are disadvantaged by discrimination rooted in society.

Gender inequality is one of the leading causes of bad health in the woman. Unequal power relationships between men and women; social norms that decrease education and paid employment reproductive roles; and potential or actual experience of physical, sexual and emotional violence. For example, many women and girls face increased vulnerability to HIV/AIDS. Malnutrition causes in females cause life-threatening complications during pregnancy and childbirth, sometimes leading to long-term disability. Female genital and breasts conditions caused by hormones are most notable in, females. Women's health issues also include menstruation, contraception, maternal health, childbirth, and menopause and some forms of Cancer specifically concerning to women include Cervical, Uterine, Breast, Ovarian, Pancreatic, Colorectal and Lung cancers. Breast Cancer is the leading cause of death among women worldwide. Ovarian Cancer is hard to detect in its early stages and may occur in women of any age.

Limited access to education or employment, high illiteracy opportunities; an exclusive focus on women's rates, and increasing poverty levels are making health improvements for women exceedingly difficult. Basic health care, family planning, and obstetric services are essential for every woman, yet they remain unavailable to millions. Gender-equitable approaches to health are needed to enable women's full participation in the planning and delivery of health services. Maternal conditions are leading causes of death and disability among women because of early and unwanted childbearing, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy-related illnesses and deaths. These account for a significant proportion of the burden of illness experienced by women, especially in low-income countries.

Nearly all maternal deaths are preventable through timely prenatal and postnatal care, skilled birth attendance during delivery and the availability of emergency care to deal with complications. The health benefits of spacing and limiting births for mothers and children with family planning services are well known.


Health-related challenges may continue. But practicing right and timely care of every woman will always keep this slogan an undefeatable force “Healthy Women, Healthy World” because women play a critical role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of their communities.

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