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Women are gradually getting more concerned about their health and paying more attention towards family planning. With the rise in the price of goods, people look for lesser kids nowadays and this is where contraceptive devices come to work. From coils to pills, there are a lot of ways in which you can control your lifestyle. Copper t 380a is one of the most popular ways of preventing unwanted pregnancy these days.

Copper t manufacturers India have come up with different kinds of copper contraceptives. These are non-hormonal IUDs which can also be termed as copper spermicides. These thicken the cervical mucus and prevent creation of an environment suitable for embryo implantation. This IUD releases copper ions and prevents egg implantation.

Let us check out the advantages and disadvantages of these IUD devices.



  • Almost 99% women have been found to be satisfied with the use of IUDs. These devices assure 99.8% prevention of pregnancy.
  • Copper t intrauterine device can be used for 10 years. After insertion, you just need to go for a monthly checkup.
  • These devices are lighter and more natural than other devices.
  • Last but not the least; you can use these copper contraceptive devices under all circumstances if you are not suffering from breast cancer or if you are allergic to copper. Hence it can be said these IUD devices are safe even when you are breast feeding.


  • Copper IUD India sometimes causes infection. But this generally occurs in the initial stage of insertion. This is mainly because bacteria creep into the system while insertion and hence proper care can prevent this kind of issues. Even if you are infected, simple antibiotics can relieve you.
  • Copper t intrauterine device may get expelled from the body of women who have never been pregnant. To solve this issue, copper t manufacturers India have come up with advanced devices which are designed to fit different body shapes.
  • One of the worst issues faced by users is heavy bleeding and cramping. Some may after few months of usage face no bleeding at all. These issues are generally caused by the older version of copper t intrauterine device. Using the newer versions means less health issues.

The health issues mentioned above can be easily handled if you consult the right doctor. Check if the gynecologist has enough experience in inserting copper IUDs before going for insertion. If yes, then the chances of infection are lesser. Moreover, go for a checkup to understand if your body is flexible enough to allow copper t 380a.

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