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The hydrosalpinx has many clinical symptoms. Pain is one of the common form, including lumbosacral aching abdominal pain or having fall bilge feeling. And It will get worse after the menstrual period or hard work. Other major adverse reactions are increasing amount of menstruation and leucorrhea. Many patients are constantly tormented with pain, resulting in overall lower quality of life at the same time.So great affection is paid to how to relieve pain.

At first a majority of patients took strong painkillers to ease the pain, but found the method was not wise. A litter effect as they had, the drugs had more side effects. In addition, the painkillers would become less effective when patients taken them frequently. Now patients are beginning to lay their hope on Traditional Chinese Medicine. According to some patients,fuyan pill not only has favorable therapeutic effect, but also effectively relieves pain. People may don't understand why the drug can relieve pain. Therefore Dr Lee explains in detail about the question.

The theoretic system of fuyan pill is characterized by the concept of holism and treatment based on syndrome differential. TCM holds that the pain caused by hydrosalpinx is because of the blood stasis, and there is a saying that It is the obstruction that causes the pain, according to its differentiation and treatment. Ancient doctors concluded tubal nowhere was caused by the following reasons: Qi-deficiency, kidney insufficiency, blood stasis and Qi stagnation, etc. So its treatment should be in accordance with the principles of blood-activating, stasis-resolving and blood-nourishing. The drug can promoting blood circulation, so as to improve the body or relieve pain.


Fuyan pill has been refined in the way by excavating active ingredients from many Chinese Herbs. Some herbs including Angelica, Peach Kernel, Safflower and Pangolin Scales play a major role on easing the pain by activating blood circulation. Among them, angelica also has the function of nourishing blood, which could regulate menstruation and ease the pain. It is a good tonic for women and called the high-grade goods in “Huangdi's Cannon of Medicine”. Other herbs, such as tuckagoe and atractylis ovata, help relieve pain by removing stasis and alleviating water retention.

Maybe many patients worry about the problem of drug resistance after taking long-term medicine like painkiller. That is not a concern for this problem, since the function of fuyan pill is completely regulating QI-blood balance and addressing both the symptoms and root causes, not just to relieve pain. So long as patients take the drugs exactly as prescribed and follow any dietary restriction. the drugs greatly help relieve pain although can not cure the hydrosalpinx ultimately within a short time.

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