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Body contouring and skin tightening is not new to the world. There have been several procedures and treatments that have been followed by now for rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction in West Hills but nothing till now has been proven as effective as radio frequency energy assisted treatments.

For those who are tired of sagging cutis bags and wrinkles that make the skin look old and worn out, RF energy assisted skin tightening procedures have proven to be a boon. With the state-of-the-art technology and well advanced science, your cutis looks younger sometimes with a single sitting or with 2-3 procedural sittings at max at a renowned clinic for Care for women in West Hills.

Why do you need Skin Tightening?

Skin sagging sometimes becomes such dreaded problem that it might make you appear old even in your 40's when you are still youthful and active in your lifestyle. When your pelt starts showing the signs of aging, your lifestyle is in a way affected and makes you feel old from within even when you look at the mirror. Why let cutis stop you from living your life to the fullest? The traditional facelift procedure is a costly and risky surgery that not only involves huge amount of money but also demands long recovery time. RF Skin Tightening, however, is an advanced procedure that is nearly painless and doesn't need a long recovery time and a long list of precautions to be followed. You can resume your life just when you stopped before the procedure. Could there be a better deal?


How is it done?

A tightening procedure called 'The Reaction' uses radio frequency energy to help out in defiance of the rigid collagen cross links, to fortify skin's suppleness along with augmenting the secretion of collagen in skin in due course.

Radiofrequency energy utilizes the resistance of the skin tissues to convert the energy supplied to various layers of the cutis into thermal (heat) energy. This leads to collagen contraction and eventually new collagen production that makes the pelt healthy, supple and tight. As electrical energy is generated through RF energy and not the source of light, there are fewer chances of tissue damaging and detriment of melanin pigments. RF energy is suitable for all.

RF skin tightening is appropriate for parts of the face such as forehead, cheeks and chin. This can also be suitable for sensitive facial zones around eyes, neck and cleavage.

Skin tightening procedures that use radio frequency are, these days, even used in the treatment of stretch marks and lax skin on the belly, armpits, calves as well as hips.

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