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Cervicitis is a common disease in women is clinic. If left untreated at the acute phase, it's easily turn into chronic cervicitis. It will cause big influences on fertility of women. So when face the cervicitis, patients should not only take proper treatments to cure it timely and actively, but also should do well in the nursing measures. In this way, patients can have the best curative effects.

The symptoms of cervicitis



  1. Leukorrhagia is one of the sighs of cervicitis. It's sometimes the only symptoms of chronic cervicitis. The discharge is usually thick and purulent. There will be blood streak or a small amount of blood in the secretion at times. The irritation of the leucorrhea can cause pruritus of the genital.
  2. The lower abdomen and lumbosacral portion have frequent pain. Sometimes the pain can occur on the epigastrium, huckle and hip joint. Whenever touch the cervix, it will lead to the pain of fossa iliaca and lumbosacral portion. Some patients can even cause nausea and affect the sexual life.
  3. Patients have urinary frequency and have difficulty in urinating. The inflammation can spread continuously or through the path of connecting the cervix, trigone of urinary bladder and ureteral lymphatic, and lead to secondary urinary tract infections.

Efficient measures that can be beneficial to eliminate the symptoms of cervicitis.

  1. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Though the gynecologic inflammation has been infected, it's essential to do well in the hygiene. If patients ignore the personal hygienic habits, the bacteria will keep invading and aggravate the inflammation. In daily life, patients should often change their underwear and it's helpful to choose underwear that made of cotton.
  2. Choose a suitable treatment to prevent the deterioration of the disease. Patients with acute cervicitis can choose antibiotic to cure it. It also the main medicine treatment at present. As long as patients choose the appropriate medicine to treat the disease, the therapeutic effect will be great to a certain degree. Patients with chronic cervicitis need long-term treatments because the inflammation causes severe damage. However, the western medicine antibiotics will come out drug resistance if patients use these kind of medicines for a long time. It's suggested that patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine which has no side effects to cure the disease, such as Fuyan Pill. The herbs in the pill can clear away heat and toxic materials, promote the circulation of blood and Qi. It can also eliminate the symptoms of cervicitis from its root.
  3. Attach importance to the eating habits. Patients can't eat spicy, stimulating and fat foods, such as pepper, fennel, onion, mustard, beef and mutton. Sea food like fish, crab, shrimp and clams, and fat food like butter, lard and suet should also be avoided. Otherwise, it will affect the therapeutic effect and aggravate the condition. It will be beneficial to eat more vegetables and fruits.

The three nursing measures that mentioned above are conventional methods, patients should also avoid sexual life and keep in a good mood. Nursing measures can be helpful to the recovery of the disease. However, to choose a proper treatment is the key to cure cervicitis. Patients can combine the condition to choose the medicine treatments of antibiotics or Fuyan Pill. Combined treatment with nursing measures can make the disease be cured as early as possible.

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