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Bacterial vaginitis is a common disease that unfamiliar for everyone. In the normal leucorrhea routine examination, if some items show positive, maybe your body has the possibility of bacterial vaginitis. Except that, if your secreta examination presents a great deal of pyocyte and leucocyte, or the cleaning degree of your vagina shows only 3 to 4 degrees, it's another way indicates that you are infected with bacterial vaginitis and demand for treatment. So, what drug does bacterial vaginitis use?

Generally, the therapy for bacterial vaginitis relies mainly on medicated vaginal suppository and oral drugs such as metronidazole, mepartricin, thiamphenicol. Among them, medicated vaginal suppository prescribes the patients to consume the drugs every two days, and you could administrate the medicine at night and then clean the redundant herb residue in the next day morning. As for other drugs, oral medicine cycles every 7 to 14 days, then you need to stop your drugs and reexamine your body at the end of the cycle. Both kinds of western medicine treatment should be used in combination.



Except for receiving the above therapies, you should pay more attention to the health care. Any patients should keep a dry vulva, wear cotton underpants, and change these underpants frequently. What's more, do not have sex frequently during your treatment in order to keep your sexual organs from congesting with a long time. If you feel local itching, at this time you could administrate drugs in these pruritic areas or clean these locations with Chinese herbal medicine. However, once feel itching, you had better not use the washing liquid too often, but the clear water, which is enough to help you.

Because the use of medicated vaginal suppository may cause damage to the vagina, and even leads to the bleeding if you use drugs in an incorrect way. What's more, consuming oral drugs for a long time may produce a bad influence to your liver function and renal function and the side effects of drug resistance have become increasingly obvious. For these reasons, although many patients have been insisting on their treatment, they still receive the positive results after the reexamination. If the patient not has a good effect towards the western medicine therapy, then maybe they could try a rather save and conservative therapy-traditional Chinese medicine.

On the one hand, the Chinese medicine has the functions of heat-clearing and detoxifying and invigorating spleen to remove dampness, which could eliminate the bacteria, trichomonad and molds. On the other hand, Chinese prescription, with the function of detoxifying and invigorating spleen to remove dampness, could effectively adjust the inflammation-induced abnormal menstruation symptom, and help the female build a new menstrual cycle, so as to revitalize them with confidence. Moreover, Chinese medicine enjoys a long history, and the common TCM formula is the Fuyan pill, while the patients could take the drug according to their own condition.

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