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Infertile couples often consider IVF an elixir to all their problems and hassles. Since it is considered the most effective treatment to cure infertility, patients have enormous expectations from it. Many believe that success is guaranteed in IVF but the truth is otherwise. While it is true that IVF is the most cutting-edge technique, the success rate is not 100% as many people think. Like all medical treatments, it does not guarantee success, there are cases when IVF cycle comes a cropper.

The perception that IVF guarantees 100% success is often bolstered by the exaggerated claims proffered by a few doctors. In order to attract as many patients as possible and to reinforce the reputation of their clinics, some doctors coax prospective patients into believing that IVF spells guaranteed success. They overstate the virtues of IVF but withhold the vital information regarding the possibility of failure. Infertile couples, who are emotionally vulnerable and are desperately seeking the succour, often buy such claims of doctors without much questioning.

The trouble starts when IVF cycle fails. Since patients were led to believe that the success in In-Vitro-Fertilization is guaranteed, they are left shell-shocked. They were so certain about the success that they did not prepare themselves for failure. Many patients get despondent and woebegone, and lose all hope.


Some unscrupulous and shady doctors leave the patients in lurch after IVF cycle fails. They refuse to even provide details regarding the procedure and protocol followed during the treatment. They don't explain the causes and effects of failure, and what should be the way forward. This shockingly callous behavior rubs salt on patients wound and they feel extremely indignant. Some patients even become completely disillusioned towards In-Vitro-Fertilization and abandon it.

Ideally both doctors and patients must be sensible about the expectations from IVF right from the word go. Doctors must explain everything about In-Vitro-Fertilization, both advantages and flip side, in no uncertain terms. If the IVF cycle fails, the doctor must empathize with patients and must provide all the essential details. They must also explain that this is not the end of road for them. There are many cases in In-Vitro-Fertilization when success was attained in second attempt after the failure of first cycle.

Patients, on their part, must strive to maintain equilibrium by keeping emotions in check. They should their homework and must be apprised about nitty-gritty of In-Vitro-Fertilization. Keeping realistic expectations is the first step to avoid grinding dejection. If the IVF cycle fails, they must realize that this is not the end of the world. There are some more avenues which can be explored.

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