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Women with small breasts are looking for surgery option to enhance size of their busts. It is an expensive option and also risky for your health. You will also find lot of creams and allopathic remedies that promise growth of busts in short span of time. Such remedies do not offer promised results apart from causing irreversible damage to your health. You are advised to look for safe herbal remedies to increase size of breasts and attract your male partner. Big B-36 capsule is free from side effects and developed using powerful herbs to increase breast size naturally.

Its key ingredients include Lajjawanti, Bahugranthika, Babool, Gambhari, Nagbla, Bhatktaiya, Patherpool, Triputiphal, Nilkadambika, Laxmiresth, Kamal, Padmacharini, Kaling and Bar. All these ingredients are blended in right ratio to increase breast size.

The herbal oil – Big B-36 oil and Big B-36 herbal capsule nourishes and tones dull cells in your busts. It also promotes growth of new cells. Regular massage using this herbal oil and intake of herbal pills help to increase your breast size considerably in about three to four months.

It offers effective treatment for women, who have small breasts or sagging breasts. It strengthens ligaments and tissues to improve firmness. It also increases fat deposits in breasts without any side effects. You can get curvature and round beautiful busts to attract your male partner. Men love to hold bigger and firm breasts during lovemaking act. You are advised not to apply the herbal oil to nipples. Gently apply few drops of herbal oil and massage one breast at a time and two or three times daily for effective size boosting results. It naturally stimulates hormones generation and boost size of the breasts naturally. You can also seek the help of female therapist for massaging your breasts.


You can buy Big B-36 herbal pills and herbal oil from reputed online stores using credit or debit cards. You can also benefit from shipping and save some money on online purchases. It also ensures your privacy. You can place order for these pills from the comfort of your home.

Lajjawanti is one of the best herbs to increase firmness of the ligaments. It offers effective cure for women with sagging breasts. It flushes out toxins from your body and reverses aging effects.

Nagbla has got aphrodisiac properties. It boosts strength of your breast tissues. You can gain firm breasts and make fashion statement. Kaling boosts digestion and help to absorb nutrients to increase bust size naturally. Triptiphal helps to purify milk ducts in feeding mothers. Padmacharini is one of the best herbs to remove wrinkles on the skin and improve appearance of your breasts. Laxmiresth is helpful to ensure flow female hormones and promotes growth of breasts naturally.

All these herbs in right combination makes this herbal pill one of the best herbal supplements to boost bust size without any side effects.

You are also advised intake of foods to increase breast size naturally. You can include foods like brown rice, red beans, black-eyed peas, soy beans, sage, oregano, dates, cucumber, clover and ginger in your daily diet.

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