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You might not have been feeling the sexual urge for a while now. Otherwise, you might not have felt as good as it was earlier these days. This is called as low libido and reason behind it can be stress or even something else. When it comes to improving the lovemaking desire in women, the topic is something taboo to discuss and this is why most women try to find a remedy for them. This is where, herbal supplements to boost libido that can be bought without any prescription that too online can help them to a great extent. Such an herbal supplement called as Kamni capsules can bring the intended relief for lovemaking desire in women. Besides low libido, it can also provide relief to frigidity in women as well.

What are Kamni capsules?

These are natural female libido enhancer supplements that are time-tested and made out of proven herbs and nutrients that have gained worldwide reputation in bringing natural hormonal balance in women and in boosting libido and desire towards lovemaking. The effective herbal ingredients in these capsules are known to stimulate the nervous system and will act as natural aphrodisiacs. In addition, there are ingredients that are known to strengthen the reproductive organs in women. Besides addressing low libido issue, these herbal supplements to boost libido will also help women to engage in multiple episodes of lovemaking by setting the appropriate mood in them.

These supplements will also regulate the hormonal imbalances in women and will bring about a natural improvement in the energy levels to perform better. In addition, the potent ingredients in these supplements will increase the flow of blood to the female genitals to prevent dryness.

Ingredients: As mentioned earlier, these capsules are turned out to be effective herbal supplements to boost libido due to their ingredients and here is the list of ingredients in these capsules that will bring the above-mentioned benefits:

1. Ras Sindoor is nothing, but a mercury based ayurvedic preparation and it can address the following issues in women, thereby forming part of Kamni capsules:

a. Weakness

b. Chronic respiratory problems, asthma, cold and cough

c. Urinary problems, genital issues and syphilis


d. Cardiac health

e. Rejuvenation.

2. Nag Bhasma is effective in balancing all three doshas as per Ayurveda and it is added to herbal supplements to boost libido due to the following reasons:

a. It can cure non-healing wounds, skin issues, piles and even diabetes

b. It can address a wide range of physical issues like pain and discomfort that leads to low libido in women.

3. Abhrak Bhasma is a form of mica and it is an ayurvedic preparation that can strengthen the uterus in women and can provide the best nutrition to ovaries that can:

a. Address different psychological issues like stress

b. Different abdominal issues like indigestion and heartburn.

Bangbhasma is another ingredient present in Kamni capsules besides the above-mentioned ingredients, it also has processed decoction of nagarbel, mulethi, semal musli, vijaysar and dhature.

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