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Tubal blockage is mainly caused by female infertility, accounting for 35% to 25% of female infertility, and lead to the main cause of tubal damage is pelvic inflammatory disease ( PID). The incidence of secondary Fallopian tube obstruction was directly related to the incidence of PID. The reproductive ability after Fallopian tube reconstructed depends on the location and extent of the damage of the Fallopian tube. Women with a wide range of tubal injuries are less likely to be pregnant, and IVF can increase their chances of pregnancy.


Most tubal disease is secondary to infection, especially in pelvic inflammatory disease. Other possible causes of infection include perforation of the appendix, infection after abortion, or postperative complications, such as endometriosis and the inflammatory state caused by surgical procedures. It is rare, embryonic fallopian tube absent, which is a factor of infertility, finally the etiology may be iatrogenic, such as tubal ligation. In general, there is no typical symptoms, the most common manifestation is infertility, tube transports sperm, intake eggs and play the role of transporting the fertilized eggs to the uterine cavity, Fallopian tube obstruction led to infertility and ectopic pregnancy, if pelvic inflammatory disease caused by the Fallopian tube obstruction that may be associated with lower abdominal pain, back pain, sexual pain and secretions increased.

Ways of Preventing


  1. Take care to the hygiene of reproductive system, prevention of various pathogens(especially sexual transmitted diseases) infection is the most critical, artificial abortion, childbirth, surgery for IUD, and the uterine cavity operation, it should carry out strict disinfection, avoid the inappropriat operation of uterine cavity, avoid feculent sexual life. To avoid the menstrual intercourse, repeated hydrotubation etc…
  2. Actively cure tuberculosis, lymph tuberculosis, in order to prevent infection of pelvic tuberculosis.
  3. Women, once suffered from the disease, should abide by the principles of treatment. Taking a positive attitude, thorough treatment, as soon as possible to control the disease, to prevent chronic one.
  4. Strengthen exercise, enhance disease resistance.


Tubal blockage is mainly caused by gynecological inflammation, it is short term, but blockage is indeed permanent, then anti-inflammatory drugs can only eliminate inflammation, to unlock the adhesion is absolutely impossible.

Early treatment of tubal blockage will take some superficial physical therapy, such as shortwave and microwave etc. but these methods only can improve the local blood circulation, the intra abdominal tubal blockage treatment is a big problem.

The traditional method of treating tubal blockage has is the prevalent way to cure female's tubal blockage disease, like herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, it can not only eliminate inflammation, unblock the adhesion, improve local blood circulation, but also remove stasis, improve peristalsis, and clear the fallopian tube, unblock fallopian tube completely, as well as curing other complications as endometriosis, adenomyosis, PID, STDs like chlamydia, mycoplasma and other diseases. What's more, it is made in pure herbs, can unblock fallopian tubes safely, naturally and effectively, it's good for women who want to have children.

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