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Came home after work, a young lady felt very tired, she tried to sleep earlier that night to have a good rest, but something made her a little uneasy, that is abnormal leucorrhea. She found it when washing her panty, the color of the leucorrhea is a little grey and white, not thick, and has a fishlike smell. That made her recalled during this period of time, she kept felling something not right in her body, such as more discharge from the vagina, pain after sex and a little itch and burning in or around the vulva. All these are symptoms of bacterial vaginitis. They can be cured by some secret weapons which will be mentioned in the last two paragraphs.

She didn't think it can be a disease, but at that night she knew she should go to a hospital and get a professional check. After going to the hospital, she knew she got bacterial vaginosis. But she was not afraid of the disease, because she knew some secret weapons for curing the disease.



There are other types of vaginitis, such as monilial vaginitis, infusorium vaginitis and so on. Treatments for bacterial vaginosis include taking metronidazole, receiving partial medical treatment and sex partners don't need to get a conventional treatment. For monilial vaginitis, miconazole suppository, clotrimazole suppository and suppositories nystatin are used partially. For systemic administration, fluconazole, itraconazole and ketoconazole are often used to cure the disease. Again, sex partners don't need to get a conventional treatment. Another type, trichomoniasis, for partial medical treatment, in order to relieve the symptom, metronidazole vaginal effervescent tablet, 0.75 percent metronidazole gel or 1 percent lactic acid can be used to douche vagina. For systemic administration, metronidazole can be chose for the first time, once side effect occurs, patients are not allowed to use it again. But sex partners must get treatment at the same time, before curing totally, unprotected sex is not allowed.

The young lady was told before that antibiotic and normal treatments are not so effective to cure vaginitis, antibiotic has side effect also, if don't pay enough attention to preventions, patients get the disease again easily. But TCM is a better choice, with no side effect, totally safe and green like food we eat, within several months, patients can be cured from the origin totally and will never get vaginitis again. The name of the TCM is Fuyan Pill.

Also yogurt is very helpful, it has a lot of activated lactobacillus which can stop the over breeding of many harmful bacterium, so it has the function of anti-bacteria and prevention of disease. Yogurt is cheap and yummy, also full of nutrition, but choosing fruit flavor yogurt is not a good choice since too much sugar inside can provide a good environment for the breeding of harmful bacterium. Necessary fatty acid and garlic can make sure the getting of enough fatty acid, they are antifungal and you can get them by eating nuts, seeds and fatty fishes.

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