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Mycotic vaginitis is a common gynecological disease, which is characterized by abnormal vaginal discharge, burning vulva and vaginal itching, pain during urination and other symptoms. Female patients get into serious problems with it. As a matter of fact, in addition to western medicine, traditional Chinese herbal medicine is also a good idea.

Fungal vaginitis is also named Candida vaginitis. Candida vaginitis, as the name suggests, it is mainly for the sake of Candida infection, which is a bacterial parasite. It can survive the human skin, mucous membranes, gastrointestinal tract, vagina and other places. When glycogen and vaginal acidity increase, or in the case of human body with lowered immunity, it waits for an opportunity to attack on the human body, giving rise to fungal vaginitis.

So, how do female patients do to get rid of these troubles.


Maybe, you can have a try for Chinese medicine- Fuyan pill. It is a summarized prescription from Chinese medicine doctor Li Xiaoping , through her 30 years of medical knowledge and clinic practice and experience. The prescription contains many herbal ingredients, such as honeysuckle, skullcap, Gardenia, Chinese yam, angelica, peach kernel, safflower, licorice, honeysuckle and other dozens of herbs. All of them have a good effect for curing fungal vaginitis.

On the one hand, Fuyan pill with very strong sterilization, can kill a variety of bacteria, viruses, pathogens in three courses around. Thus, for Candida, Fuyan pill plays a good role in their elimination. On the other hand, Fuyan pill antidote, can also plays the role of Western medicine, but does not produce any drug resistance like antibiotics. Therefore, you can take it at more ease.

Of course, not only Fuyan pill, the patient can also take nystatin or fluconazole by mouth; daub nystatin cream or put vaginal embolism of nystatin deep into vagina. However, with long-term use of these antibiotics, it is easily to break the relationship of mutual restraint between the vaginal microorganism of the patient, resulting in vaginal decreased resistance to infection. Hence, there is a certain risk of reappearance under the antibiotic treatment.

At last, Mycotic vaginitis is more commonly spread by sexual contact, not contaminated clothing, substandard toilet paper and other supplies. Therefore, it is recommended for patients to pay more attention to these regards.

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