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Gynecological diseases can be described as many kinds. Especially today, people have much more liberalized sexual attitudes, and the kinds of diseases spread through sexual contact increase sharply, of which nothing is more common than gynecological mycoplasma infection. In fact, when mycoplasma infection occurs, many women are able to pay enough attention to it. But because of its repeated recurrence, patients really can not figure out whether it's cured or not, or is there any other circumstance? As a matter of fact, only when with many reviews manifesting it turns into negative, can gynecological mycoplasma infection be regarded as cured.

Mycoplasma infection needs repeated review.

Different from pathogens, mycoplasma infection is actually considered as a intractable. With infection, it really stumps many patients. First, at present the treatment of drug for mycoplasma infection mainly includes antibiotics. However, there is no much problem with short-term use of sensitive antibiotics, but if with long-term taking, it's prone to result in drug resistance. And then, the infection would relapse repeatedly.

In addition, not all patients with mycoplasma infection have obvious symptoms, especially for males, and some even can be said to be with no symptoms. But although there is no symptoms, it still can be transmitted to the woman through sexual contact. Then the woman will be unconsciously infected. Hence, it's generally recommended that couples do check together when with mycoplasma infection, and sometimes both need to receive treatment at the same time.


To find out whether the patient has completely recovered, excluding the false appearance of drug-induced negative and ruling out whether there is a latter re-infection, it's is generally considered only after three negative review shows, mycoplasma infection is considered cured. It can not be solely a check as a reference, because the situation can be affected by many factors.

How to do with more than once non-negative check show ?

Of course, due to the intractable pathogen, many patients in the review will show non-negative, which indicates the infection has not been cured. In fact, it's a common case in the clinical test. Then, the patients need to find the problem from the treatment methods, for example, whether you select a drug treatment under the guidance of a drug sensitivity test? If not, it must be corrected. And it's also needed to consider the drug-resistance in antibiotic itself. In this case, drug treatment without side effects is good, like oral medicine Fu Yan pill, which has played good effects in treatment of mycoplasma infection and obtains public praise. In addition, whether there is infection in your partner? And if necessary, both are required to receive treatment.

Mycoplasma infection is stubborn, easy to recur. So for gynecological mycoplasma infection, only several times of negative review shows can prove it's cured, not only by one inspection result that has been found negative. Moreover, patients should follow the full course of prescription, and can't stop taking drugs when the symptoms improved only a little. Only by doing well these details, can mycoplasma be completely cured.

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