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Pelvic adhesion is a relatively common gynecological disease. It often brings a lot of trouble to female patients. In general, there are many reasons for pelvic adhesion, such as pelvic inflammation, spread of inflammation in adjacent organs and neglect of menstrual hygiene. But there are still some cases which are caused by gynecological surgeries. Then how should this kind of adhesion be treated? Is it the same with normal cases?

To treat the postoperative pelvic adhesion, the key point is to find out the cause. The reason why female patients experience postoperative pelvic adhesions is mainly the decreased immunity and resistance after the surgery. In this case, the bacteria are easy to invade the human body, eventually leading to pelvic inflammation. Therefore, the treatment should not only concentrate on sterilization and antiphlogosis, but also consider the patients' health condition after surgery.

As patients are always battered after the surgery, the treatment is the use of bactericidal and anti-inflammatory drugs. In western medicine treatment, antibiotics are the initial choice. It works fast. However, its drug resistance makes long-term treatment not so ideal. What's worse, antibiotic can bring many side effects to human body such as vomiting, diarrhoea and nausea.


Therefore, taking everything into consideration, patients may as well adopt a more conservative treatment- traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) treatment. It has special advantages in treating the postoperative pelvic adhesion.

  1. Compared with Western medicine, TCM has no drug resistance. So it is suitable for long-term use.
  2. TCM are made of pure herbs. They contain no chemical additives. So it is natural and harmless, not bringing any side effects.
  3. After the surgery, patients are weak and they have a relatively poor body resistance. So, in addition to killing bacteria and eliminating inflammation, TCM also focuses on conditioning the body, gradually restoring the patient's body function.

Since TCM is better to cure pelvic adhesion, then what kind of TCM should patients choose? In fact, there are many TCM treatments for this disease. Among them, fuyan pill has a more significant effect.

Being a complete formula, fuyan pill is very effective in treating pelvic adhesion. It gives priority to sterilization and antiphlogosis, effectively removing the inflammation caused by surgery and the gynecological lesions. In addition, it can activate blood, nourish spleen and so on. These effects can promote blood circulation and regulate the body functions, contributing to the vitality recovery after surgeries. With the reasonable combination of more than 50 herbs, fuyan pill works well in treating postoperative pelvic adhesion.

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