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Saying that Fuyan pill is the only one treatment that brings her hope among all treatments for endometriosis, local USA woman Jen Remeticado who had endometriosis around 4 years reportedly mentioned that it was hard for her to believe that her endometriosis was gone after taking a herbal medicine from China. But with the ultrasound result as proof, she finally believed and was very happy with that.

“I still remember that day how depressed I felt when I was told that I have endometriosis,” according to Jen, “I didn't think it is a stubborn disease at the beginning actually. But after doing a little research on internet at that night, I knew I was wrong. Lots of women were beaten by this condition and its symptoms. Its typical symptoms what I experienced like secondary hysmenrrhea, which would worsen with lesion aggravating over time and often occur in lower back and lumbosacral area, and even vagina, perineum and legs, and heavy menstruation, which caused me bleeding more than 15 days per month, made me suffer a lot and barely lost my hope of life.”

“From the internet, i also knew that the pain killer, surgery and hormone treatment are three most frequently used methods nowadays. I listed the advantages and disadvantages of them and tried them one by one. But I was disappointed by the result what I achieved.” Jen added sadly, who seems indulging in the old hopeless days, “take hormone treatment for example, I had taken this treatment for around one year. During this year, my symptoms did become milder and endometriosis did get better. But when I stopped this treatment, everything went back and even became worse, let alone the pain killer which can only work on my secondary hysmenrrhea.”


“I knew how much pressure my wife was borne, but I could do nothing for her except comforting her with sentences like your disease is curable as long as we find the right treatment or you will be healthy again as long we don't give up.” Said Shawn, who, with a self-condemned face, did the major treatment research job on internet.

“It was accidentally on knowing Fuyan pill,” According to Shawn and Jen, “that day, we were supposed to do research on surgical removing uterus, but an article about pluses and minuses of surgery and herbal medicine emerged and drew ours' attention. So we consulted Dr. Lee, the inventor of Fuyan pill, and finally decided taking the Fuyan pill as our last shot after figuring out how the Fuyan pill works.”

“Dr. Lee told us that in the view of TCM, endometriosis which belongs to leukorrheal and infertility disease is formed owning to pouncing of dampness, heat, pathogenic Qi and toxin and pathogenic in lower energizer. Therefore, endometriosis should be cured by treatment with functions like activating blood, resolving stasis, clearing heat, resolving dampness and removing toxin. By adding different herbs in, Fuyan pill has all the functions mentioned above. Since herbal medicine works slowly than western medicine, she adds Pangolin Scales into Fuyan pill to quicken the working time and shorten the treating time. Dr. Lee also mentioned that Fuyan pill has no drug resistance and also won't bring side effect to the body. ”

“I have good news today! I have completed my 4 months medication of fuyan pills last week. With this, i have scheduled a visit to my OB-Gyne today and my ultrasound done this afternoon and yes my endometriosis is gone! Even my OB-Gyne had a hard time believing that this really is happening, but with the ultrasound result as proof my endometriosis really disappeared without the laparoscopic procedure.” Jen ended her interview with telling us what she said in her email to Dr. Lee and with the wish that all endometriosis women can get rid of this condition totally after knowing her story.

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