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Every month the lining of uterus in women release a layer which causes bleeding. Normally women suffer from pain, inflammation and cramps during the three to five days of bleeding but some women complain of extreme pain and inconvenience. Many women have abnormal monthly flow and irregularities in the flow of blood. But how to identify if the condition is abnormal and what are the best ways to regulate abnormal periods? It is believed that women who need to change tampon or pads in hour or two in the days of bleeding is suffering from the abnormal conditions.

Also the problem when the spotting happens even between the two regular cycles or bleeding (e.g. after lovemaking with partner) and when the regular bleeding days are more than seven, it is abnormal condition, which requires care and maintenance. Painkiller and artificial chemicals are offered in the conventional system of medicines for reducing pain, inflammation or heavy bleeding, but sometimes, it can have adverse impact on general wellbeing of the woman. Herbal remedies to regulate abnormal periods are more effective and do not have harsh effect.

Herbal remedies to regulate abnormal periods contain many natural ingredients which can regulate a number of related symptoms and health factors together to cure the problem completely. Best ways to regulate abnormal periods is provided by herbal remedy Gynecure capsules which is rich in many natural components that can regulate the flow and reduce pain in a natural manner.


Sphaeranthus indicus can be found in the herbal remedies to regulate abnormal periods which have anti allergic effects and it can control blood glucose levels in human body. In a study, it was found to be effective in preventing the de granulation of mast cells. Also it increases the flow of testosterone in body. In ayurvedic text the plant species has been mentioned which says it is effective in the treatment of tuberculosis, sleep diseases, anaemia, pain of uterus, pain of vagina and related disorders. It has anti anxiety effect and can work as sedative. It was effective just like the 1 mg/kg Diazepam with a less potency. It has anti depressive and anti convulsant effects.

A study of the herb Barringtonia acutangula showed it could inhibit HepG2 cell growth. It also worked as antidepressants which can inhibit neural activities that lead to depression. The leaves of the tree contain bioactive compounds that can successfully reduce the motor activities of mice, which reduces depression. Women who suffer from irregularity due to the release of certain chemicals from the brain caused by stress or depression can avoid the problem by taking the herb which is also effective in empowering the female uterus and internal body organs. This is active ingredient of the herbal remedies to regulate abnormal periods and helps in many other ways in reducing the inconvenience caused during the monthly flow.

Best ways to regulate abnormal periods is to take natural cure which contains more than twenty herbs to revitalize the normal health and eliminate toxins from body's systems to restore natural health. These herbs work at mitochondria level to empower the body and natural functioning of body's systems.

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