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Show some love to your fete this winter as it is all about their care and babying. Do not neglect anytime. They deserve a weekly pedicure mollycoddle so that they can represent to be yours happy feet. And by caring for pedicure we do not mean or direct you to any home treat or round the corner salon for a cheap spend. Yes, but why not it? It is because the actual care and the requisite of a pedicure is comprehended, performed and given by the therapist only and at the spa. Mind and Sense spa in Dubai offers a spectrum of pedicure SPA treatment at all times- but not at all with crazy hiked rates. So relish!

Let's go through the history of pedicure:

Pedicure care is not necessarily ordered by a doctor. They may help avoid surgery. Pedicure can also provide accessories and insoles. Podiatrist is the paramedic in the study of pathological foot by using method such as plantar footprints. The podiatrist also addresses it finds anomalies by orthopedic methods (soles among others). This specialist is interested in foot deformities in children and adults (flat foot cavus etc.). Its therapeutic field is also one of the conditions of the toes, nails and skin as, calluses, corns, ingrown toenails and others. Care made by the pedicure generally must be performed in a perfect hygiene and aseptic conditions.


Care provided by the chiropodist pedicure (not exhaustive):

At the Mind and Sense SPA, it is the massager who responds to the comfort with a mobilization of all joints. He is accompanied on the other hand a superficial massage comfort. The cutting of nails. This is done by blunting the right angles. Remember that a child's fingernail is less rigid than that of the adult, cut requires more care. In fact there at the regrowth of the nail, a risk of opening its own furrow. The defatting also called milling and homogenization nails. This technique is used mainly in the presence of fungus (mushrooms) or when the patient has horns as pedicure SPA treatment.

The removal of dead skin boils down to clean the grooves. The installation of wick made of cotton is sometimes necessary. The enucleating of corns is done in some patients with pain like needle sticks. The ignition of a horn is characterized by the presence of erythema that is to say a redness to its periphery. The latter, on the other hand is painful and prevents the patient from his shoes most of the time. The difference comes up with the pedicure SPA treatment.

Treatment of hyperkeratosis corresponding to an excess of keratin manufacture are proteins involved in the composition of cells of the superficial layer of the skin epidermis. This is causing hyperkeratosis of excess dead skin that sometimes it is necessary to eliminate. In this case the foot care are more frequent than for patients without this kind of pathology. Never mind if such treatment ask you to pay a few bucks up as the results are extremely natural and effective. So what are you looking for? Do not think twice! Just get up and get it. At the Mind and Sense spa, one gets to focus on the entire treatment and cure of corn or feet trouble etc. So make sure to book your amazing yet soothing pedicure SPA treatment right here!

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