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Endometriosis affects females at a very young age that more than often causes pelvic pain and is a leading factor to infertility. Often women who suffer from this condition wonder whether they will be able to conceive and those who are suffering from infertility are confused if they have this disease. Let us find out all about it.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is the tissue growth that is similar to the uterine lining or the endometrium but outside the uterus. This causes cysts that are called endometriomas. These may grow in the pelvis and the abdominal lining that leads to scarring and ultimately blockage in the tubes. Some women experience the growth deeper between the rectum and vagina. Some signs and symptoms may be present in women while others suffer from abdominal pain. The best way is to get diagnosed through 3D Laparoscopy.

Treatments for endometriosis

Often women suffering from this disease are offered birth control pills to relieve the pain. If the symptoms still continue then 3D Laparoscopy is required. This treatment often helps improve the condition of the patient.

Infertility and endometriosis


Many cases may have endometriosis as the primary cause of infertility. Often women suffering from this diseases are offered 3D Laparoscopy treatment. However, when this treatment too does not work then the advance procedure of IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is used to cure infertility. This sure is the best option and helps achieve successful pregnancy.

While a patient may be suffering from infertility and the disease, the records of the patient will help determine the exact cause behind it. The severity of endometriosis like if it has caused excessive scarring or it has affected the ovarian reserve excessively depends from case to case. However, using IVF the woman would be able to achieve successful pregnancy with their own eggs used in the procedure or as suggested by the doctor by using donor eggs.

Should you need another operation, how will it affect your fertility?

Often the case is that the woman undergoes surgery to destroy endometriosis that improves her fertility percentage. However, repeated surgery is not recommended and not beneficial. This may cause severe harm to the ovarian reserve. First, the large endometriomas is removed and then IVF is done on the female. Here the smaller endometriomas is left.

If the patient is thinking of undergoing another operation then they need to consult a fertility specialist first. The case can be handled and it is possible that IVF alone would help her cure infertility.

Remember that endometriosis is a disease that takes time to understand, especially if the female is very young. Pelvic pains might be taken lightly as a part of the monthly cycle. However, any sever condition that involves irregularity of periods and sever pain should be immediately diagnosed. Go to your gynae and let them do a thorough test on you to eliminate the chances of its occurrence on the onset. If you or someone is suffering from infertility, even then it is not late to opt for IVF and have a fulfilled life of becoming a mother.

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