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Analysis on the causes of Urinary Tract Infections in women

Urinary Tract Infect (UTI) is a common disease with an infection appearing in the Urinary Tract System, both man and woman can get the disease, but woman has a higher trend. Because woman has a shorter urethra and the output of the urethra is very close to the entrance of the vagina, where woman harbors many microorganisms in the vaginal flora. Then, this has the possibility of inducing the bacteria to enter into the Urethra. What is more terrible, it can refer to others infections, such as: kidney infection (pyelonephritis), bladder infection (cystitis), etc. Considering about its harms to the body and life, the causes becomes the crucial problem that needs to be solved firstly.

As for female friends, some bad habits and activities will affect your urinary tract, then paying much more attention on the killers which can cause the urinary tract infections.

1.Sitting for a long time. It can make perineum have a poor permeability, giving rise to impede the blood circulation, in this case, it is easy to induce the infections. Therefore, female friends should avoid of the bad habit.


2.Using too many sanitary towels. Some female friends like to use the sanitary towels even in the period of non-menstrual cycle. In fact, such an action will bring into the infection, causing the urinary tract infection.

3.Applying frequently for the vaginal cleaning fluid. There exists many vaginal cleaning fluids in the market, some ingredients in these products, especially for mint composition, can change the inner environment of vagina. if you have a frequent usage, then it can be easy to lead to urinary tract infection or make the disease be more severe. Therefore, if there are no special needs, then you can not use them.Personal hygiene.

4.Poor hygiene will increase the risk of getting the disease. Such as: after using the toilet, some female friends may pass the toilet paper into the anus and vagina, even using the towel and fingers to enter into the vagina during the procedure of cleaning the vagina, these activities are not difficult in bringing the bacteria into the vagina, then produce the infections.

5.Other factors. A increasing risk source from these factors, for example: diabetes, being uncircumcised, More frequent or intense intercourse, multi sexual partners and so on.

Well, if a diagnosis of Urinary Tract infection has already been confirmed, then how to get a good treatment? From the perspective of the safety and effectiveness, a famous herbal medicine named “diuretic anti-inflammatory pill”, it is a major indication for male and female urinary system. With its precious herbal ingredients, it can take an effect on kill off various kinds of bacteria, virus and pathogens, and the feature of its natural formula is without any bad effects, owing to no drug resistance and no drug tolerance , patients can take permanently the medicine till their recovery completely.

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