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In the old time of China, Moxibustion therapy is a frequently used method on diseases. Although the world changes and time is passing, moxibustin therapy still has its fame outside the world. In clinic, lots of women with adenomyosis have improvement on irregular menses after accepting the moxibustin therapy. So can the adenomyosis be cured by moxibustin therapy? What is the effect of moxibustin therapy on adenomyosis?

Adenomyosis is a common gynecological disease and its main symptoms are painful menses and excessive menstrual bleeding. According to the point of traditional Chinese Medicine, it belongs to leukorrheal disease, which is mainly caused by sluggish blood circulation. Since moxa leaf can warm and unblock the channels, and supply qi, excessive menstrual bleeding can be improved, if people use the firing moxa leaf to stimulate the Qi Hai point and Yuan Gunan point. Therefore, lots of patients with adenomyosis would use the moxibustin therapy to cure their adenomyosis.

Although excellent effect of moxibustin therapy on curing pelvic inflammatory disease and mammitis has been approved, there are still a large number of women with adenomyosis miss their best treatment time by accepting the moxibustin therapy.


The heat of firing moxa leaf can indeed help transfer more effective materials to nidus changing the excessive menstrual bleeding. But this therapy only is an adjuvant treatment for adenomyosis. Just like the function of Fuyan pill – promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis, the function of moxibustin therapy is unable to help women get rid of the adenomyosis. What's more, this function can also make the infection spread to other organs, which makes this condition is hard to cure.

If women want to get rid of the adenomyosis, functions like clearing away heat and toxic matierla, and clearing dampness are also needed. Moreover, the situation of different people is different too, so some patients might suit for moxibustin therapy but some might unsuit this treatment. To cure this condition totally or for the root, sufferers should take the Fuyan pill which has all the functions mentioned above.

Fuyan pill not only has strong power of clearing heat and toxic materials, but also can eliminate the lesion of endometrium, balance the menses, stop the pain. It is one of the best choices of adenomyosis.

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