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Many times women face repeated implantation and wonder what they should do in order to fix it. Here are a few points that can be taken into consideration by them:


  • AMH should be tested, i.e. day 3 FSH and E2 value and antral follicle count. If one has poor ovarian reserve or is older than 40 years of age could consider going for Donor eggs if facing repeated implantation failure
  • If one is young and has considerably good ovarian reserve, then the quality of the embryos can be checked and in case of good quality embryos there are better chances of genetically normal embryos being transferred
  • One should check for PCOD. PCOD is also seen as a problem behind lack of embryo implantation. One may go for insulin sensitizers like metformin and myoinositol to solve the issue
  • If the doctor has been using the same ovarian stimulation protocol for retrieval of eggs from ovaries, then he/she should try other ovarian stimulation protocols. Sometimes, mild ovarian stimulation procedures prove to be better in producing good quality eggs and embryos
  • If one has failed IVF numerous times on going for Day 3 embryo transfer, then one might try day 5 embryo transfer.
  • Frozen embryo transfer can also tried instead of fresh transfer because high levels of estrogen during a fresh cycle sometimes are seen to damage receptivity of uterus
  • If one has cervical stenosis and embryo transfer through cervical route is getting complicated, then other modes of embryo transfer like ZIFT can also be tried
  • If uterine cavity is found to have adhesions, polyps or fibroids, they should be removed.

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