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Becoming a mother is one of the best things that happen to a woman in her lifetime. It gives her a sense of awe – that she could bring forth a new human being! It is a beautiful feeling and a wonderful experience. While generally a new baby in the home is an occasion for joy, sometimes, it could also bring with it some tensions for the mother. Any mother will breastfeed her newborn for at least the first few weeks. This period of breastfeeding could be much longer for some moms, depending on their inclination, the baby's preference and the availability of mother's milk. If the baby feeds frequently the mother's breasts, in particular, the nipples go through a difficult time. That is when she feels the need for the best nursing cream.

Frequent feeding by the baby could cause severe stress around the nipples. This could sometimes lead to broken skin and rashes. These things would generally depend on the baby's feeding position and habits. Sometimes, the area around the nipple could get smeared with milk. If the nipples and the area around the nipples are not cleaned properly after every feed, yeast could form in that place. As a result, that part of the body is very prone to infections. One can imagine that an infection near the nipples could quite easily affect the breastfeeding baby as well. For all these reasons it is not only necessary to clean the nipples after every feed, but it is also equally important to nourish the nipples by using a good quality breast feeding cream.



Of course, the efficacy of the nursing cream could vary depending on individual circumstances. If the baby is a frequent feeder and the mother has a very sensitive skin, the nipples could become very sensitive and sore, and very frequent application of nursing creams would be necessary. New mothers could also develop stretching marks and other marks related to the delivery. Many nursing creams prove useful in providing relief from these marks also.

The baby may also frequently develop diaper rash or similar problems. The nursing cream could come in handy to treat this and provide relief to the baby. Any breastfeeding cream or nursing cream is likely to have been made with the tender skin of the baby in mind. In view of this, one should ensure that one only uses a USDA certified nursing cream. The ideal choice, both for the mother and the baby, would be a USDA certified organicnursing and breastfeeding cream.

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