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Are you looking for the assistance to abort the unwanted pregnancy; here we have the solution called MTP kit; it's a sachet, which consist 5 pills of mifepristone and misoprostol to abort the early pregnancy. This has been approved for the early pregnancy prior completing 7 weeks (49days). It's a process of medication abortion therapy, which ought to be practiced by the lady after confirming the pregnancy. It's a finest solution to terminate the pregnancy, but if taken earlier before completing 2 months. This would be helpful for the one who don't want to go under surgical process. As surgical process found to be quite complicated; whereas, therapeutic process can be done privately by sitting at home without anyone's interference. MTP works efficiently to give you positive result; you can use it without holding any doubt in your mind; since, it has been practiced by many female and found outstanding in result. It's a great therapy, which can be done y any pregnant female secretly at their residence. One can get the prescription epistle along with the sachet, ought to be followed accordingly. Do order it online as we are here for your service offering you a very cheapest price comparing with others.

Dosage supervision

One must take the dosage under the supervision of the physician practitioner. The whole kit ought to be used within a week. In short, the process of abortion takes one week to terminate the baby entirely. The box contains mifepristone 1 tablet of 200mg and misoprostol 4 tablets of 200 mcg in which mifepristone suppose to be taken orally and misoprostol deduce to be taken vaginally. A person must take Mifepriston first and then the misoprostol. It's an absolute contraceptive pill pack that serve terminate the early pregnancy medically. As you take this medicine, you will get the extreme vaginal bleeding this actually deems to abort the developing embryo. One can get the vaginal bleeding for 1 week or more than a week. It's a process of abolishing the baby from the womb. It actually acts by thwarting the hormone liable for the pregnancy. One needs to run the process 2 months prior; initiate the procedure after the last missed of menstruation. The one who run the process appropriately will get the baby aborted easily, but if you take the pills before completion of 7 weeks. The process of sachet goes orally and vaginally both mutually work to lapse down the fetus. Do take the guidance of the doctor and disclose your complete health history for the precautionary measures.


Prevention method

If, in case you fail to get the baby aborted rush to the doctor instead of using another kit. Consult the physician and then do what he/she suggests. You need to unveil your physician if in case you are running any medication process because taking two different drugs together may lead to cause extreme side-effects.


Nausea, giddiness, complete body ache, etc. are the phase of normal side-effects.

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