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Many women are turning out to be extremely body conscious these days and they wish to get perfect busts as these organs play a major role towards improving their beauty to a great extent. There are natural supplements for breasts enlargement that can provide safe solution to women looking for the best remedy. These herbal supplements called as Big B-36 capsules, can provide safe remedy to women and here are the details about the effective ingredients that make it possible for this capsule to provide the best remedy:

Saffron: This herbal ingredient found in Big B-36 capsules can provide an excellent remedy to women in the following ways:



  1. This ingredient can effectively address depression as it contains red filaments.
  2. It is an effective remedy for asthma.
  3. It can provide an excellent sleeping aid to women.
  4. It can provide an excellent remedy to menstrual issues in women and can relieve pain in women. It can bring down chronic uterus bleeding in women.
  5. It is a luxurious herb used in skin for centuries as it can kill bacteria due to its antibacterial properties. This is why it can cure sagginess in breasts caused due to aging.

Kamal: This is the common lotus flower and it is added to the best natural supplements for breasts enlargement due to the following reasons:

  1. It can address general body weakness
  2. It can cure a wide range of skin related issues
  3. It can address leucorrhea problem in women
  4. It can provide relief to urine-related issues
  5. It can address, dysentery, diarrhea, and heart related issues and wide range of other issues as well. All these issues can contribute towards general weakness in women and this can also create sagginess in boobs. This issue will be rightly addressed by kamal present in Big B-36 capsules.

Padma charini: This herbal ingredient scientifically called as hibiscus mutabilis and it is added in these herbal remedies for the following reasons:

  1. It is known to provide the best cure to diabetes and this health issue can also contribute towards weakness and resulting sagginess and so padma charini is added to these capsules to provide the best remedy to women.
  2. It is known for its cooling properties and it has analgesic properties as well. Analgesic property is nothing, but pain relieving properties and it can relieve pain, thereby helping women to get out of weakness.
  3. When weaknesses are removed, normal hormonal secretion will take place, thereby helping women to get the hormones needed for the appropriate growth of their boobs.
  4. It can cure skin infections and swelling as well.

Other ingredients: Not only these herbs, these effective natural supplements for breasts enlargement has many other ingredients like bar, triputhiphal, kaling, bhatktaiya, nilkadambika, patherphool, bahugranthika, gambhari, lajjawanti, nagbla and babool. All these herbal ingredients work towards helping women to achieve the best results within three to four months of continuous use of Big B-36 capsules.

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