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Uterotubal disease is one of the main causes of woman's barrenness. Fallopian tube blockage is especially common for women. It has raised concerns of clinical treatments among women and doctors. Next, we will introduce surgical treatment and Traditional Chinese medicine treatment for the patients.

Currently, Western medicine mainly uses tubal re-canalization to treatment fallopian tube blockage. That's to say, they often perform various surgeries on the patients. For example, fallopian tube dredging can be used for the treatment for the patient with proximal blockage. Taking anastomosis of tube to cure the patient with middle blockage is often seen in clinical treatment. For those, which with fallostomy and fallectomy are acceptable for them.

However, every coin has two sides. Surgical treatment is no exception. Quick as treatment effect is, surgical treatment has other sides effects, such as high risks and harm for the patient's body. Besides, woman's fallopian tube is so fragile, which is likely to develop sterility caused by risky surgeries. Unluckily, receiving a risky surgery cannot guarantee the curation effect without palindromia.


When it comes to systemic treatment, we recommend Traditional Chinese medicine therapy, such as Fuyan pill.

Through countless clinical tests, we find that damp-heat in lower-Jiao causes the blockage of Qi and blood circulation, which further causes adhesion, congestion and edema in fallopian tube. Therefore, using Traditional Chinese medicines with effects of clearing away heat and invigorating the blood circulation can benefit to treat the disease.

Fuyan pill is a patented medicine with efforts of many years' clinical study and research. It consists of many Traditional Chinese medicinal materials, which make great contributions to curing the disease. Baikal Skullcap and Licorice have effects of clearing away heat and toxic material. Poria cocos helps a lot to strengthen the spleen and remove dampness. Peach kernel and Angelica sinensis use to invigorate the blood circulation and disperse blood stasis. The most important is that Fuyan pill can cure the disease without palindromia and risks.

In a word, these two treatments have their own advantages in curing the disease. The patients should follow the doctor's advice and act on it. Do not take medicines without consultation in case of aggravating the condition.

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