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The theories on female desire have found that women can easily adapt to the phase of complete abstinence from lovemaking. These long durations of involuntary abstinence in women has never been found in case of men. These theories indicate that women may need a kind of boost up to again initiate and take part in physical love. There are many life conditions in which the partner in love may stay apart and the link is disconnected. To revive the natural power to take part in love, women require certain remedies and additional counseling. Natural sexual enhancement remedies for women can be taken by women who want to rejuvenate their love life.

Natural sexual enhancement remedies for women Fantasy capsule are made up of natural extracts collected from different natural sources.

It contains plant-based extract such as Talmakhana. The regular intake of the phyto chemicals in Talmakhana helps in improving leucocyte count, erythrocyte count, hemoglobin and percentage of hemoglobin in blood. The continuous administration of the herb on laboratory animals showed it was effective in improving the bone marrow cells from where the red blood cells are produced. It was also effective in treating many other related weaknesses and fatigue conditions in laboratory animals. It has liver protective properties and it can improve digestion. It reduces the problems of gastro intestinal disorders. When the herb was tested on laboratory rats it showed that its intake helped in providing protection against acetaminophen APAP induced liver damage.


One of the major problems of love life is stress. Many women are unable to handle the everyday pressure and the stress, life constantly puts on them. This can be effectively regulated by taking the natural sexual enhancement remedies for women which has ashwagandha as the key ingredient. Ashwagandha is adaptogen. It can improve the health of nerves and help in re-growth of nerve tissues. It is powerful herb which can reduce the impact of stress on body. Especially women who get too nervous on the very thought of getting into lovemaking can take the remedy to feel relaxed.

The presence of Kesar or saffron in the natural sexual enhancement remedies for women ensures the mental exertion or psychological pressure does not spoil the conjugal behaviour of the individual.

Musli safed, Shilajit and Salam mishri in the natural sexual enhancement remedies for women helps in reviving the normal mineral components in the body. The flow of endocrines in the body can be enhanced and the sense of feeling empowered can be regained by taking this remedy regularly for a few weeks.

The herb Mucuna Pruriens or velvet beans helps in reviving the level of amino acids L-Dopa which has the power to cross the blood brain barrier and convert into dopamine. This stimulates the mind areas hypothalamus and pituitary glands to energize the body. There are many other ingredients in the natural sexual enhancement remedies for women which are very effective in enhancing the general wellbeing and improving the genital functions to raise libido and promote lovemaking experience in conjugal life.

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