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When we talk about female diseases, troublesome but not fatal, endometriosis may be to blame mostly. In endometriosis case, the blood and tissue of endometrium grow abnormally, meaning endometrial implants build up outside the uterus. The irregular endometrial implants may develop in ovaries, bladder, rectum and pelvic area where endometriosis is responsible for inflammation and scarring. Besides, endometriosis usually causes severe pain on abdomen and low back during period, sexual intercourse or bowel movement. There's not an exact theory to show the root cause of endometriosis. One hypothesis holds that instead of traveling out of vagina along with period flow, some cells of endometrium may go backwards through the fallopian tubes into ovaries and the pelvis and then attach on other organs rather than the uterus. But given less experimental evidence to support it, people pay more attention to how to deal with the symptoms caused by endometriosis.

Hormone therapy always stays steadily in curing endometriosis. By inhibiting ovulation which makes endometrium both in and outside the uterus active, the use of hormones such as birth control pills, progesterone pill and gonadotropin-agonist medications often contributes to disappearance of the symptoms. But clearly, with hormone therapy, patients won't get worse as well as get pregnant.

Laparoscopy endometriosis is a good idea to remove massive scar tissues caused by endometriosis when hormone therapy is failed to work. Once this obstacle is surmounted, pregnancy is more likely for those who surfer from long-term endometriosis. Another fascinating thing is that laparoscopy is performed by a small cut in the belly, which will bring a faster healing.


Apart from laparoscopy endometriosis, more surgical treatments like laparotomy or even hysterectomy are needed if the sharp pains on the pelvic area persist. Moreover, if patients don't get any better with other treatments, a major surgery seems to be the only way to choose.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) deserves to be recommended for eliminating incessant pain or other symptoms in endometriosis flare-ups. Some examples of Chinese herbal medicines, like “Fuyan Pill”, can break down the abnormal endometrial tissue meanwhile modulate menstrual period. Furthermore, as different approaches of TCM, acupuncture and Qigong have shot up over the past several years to help relieve endometriosis symptoms.

Of course, other alternative medicines in treating endometriosis are also getting more and more popular. Aiming at lifestyle changes, meditation, relaxation, yoga and light diets may take part in the adjuvant treatments.

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