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In modern life, there is a trend that people pay more attention to health-preservation. That's to say, more and more people would like to spend more time to keep healthy. More pressure, more irregular lifestyle result in many diseases and people are eager to seek efficient and best way to adjust. Cystitis is a quite common disease that the female are prone to suffer, which means inflammation of the bladder, more specifically, inflammation of the wall of the bladder. We will share some useful information about interstitial cystitis(IC) ,including its symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment.

According to a survey, more than 12 million people in the US have IC, thereof women are the mainstream. If you have interstitial cystitis, you may have daytime and night time urinary frequency, urgency and pelvic pain of unknown etiology. Of course, there are some other evident symptoms showing that your body is ill at ease, such as, pain during sexual intercourse, urinary hesitancy, pain or discomfort while the bladder fills and relief after urinating. Although the causes of IC are currently unknown. But there are some factors playing an important role in the process. Autoimmune disorder, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction may be the trigger of the condition. Your sex, age, lifestyle can contribute to the condition. Especially for the female, just not like male, have the identical symptoms when affected.



In a way, people who have IC should ask doctors for professional suggestions, take medicines, like herbal medicine diuretic anti-inflammation pill or something else, meanwhile drink enough water, and eat some diuretic food, such as watermelon, pear, celery and so on, to help you to urinate. What's more, having escargots, corn, mung bean properly can relieve the symptoms of urinate frequently, urgently and mild pain when urinating. Coffee, tea, and soda, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, citrus fruits, hot peppers, and artificial sweeteners should be avoided in case of aggravating the conditions.

Anyone has the risk of affecting IC, women and men, boys and girl, it is not related to your age, sex. All above, don't worry if you affect IC, take diuretic anti-inflammation pill or some other medicine under doctor's guidance, and be more careful about your diet.

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