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One patient of Dr. Lee, Miss Xu, suffered from a severe pelvic inflammatory disease. With the help of Fuyan pill, she is now totally healed. However, there is one interested and important thing, is it necessary for PID women to take a medical pause during mensesRworth spreading.

Back to that day one year ago, after a careful diagnosis with her, Dr. Lee told Xu to take Fuyan pills. But before Dr. Lee to finish her sentence, Miss Xu interrupted and asked Dr. Lee that should she take a medical pause during menses, because before trying the Fuyan pill, she was on antibiotics and the doctor who prescript the antibiotics told her to double the antibiotics during menses.



Generally speaking, there do are a lot of cautions that women should pay attention to during menses. During menses, firstly, women should avoid sitz bath. The resistance to bacteria of vagina will be reduced when it affected by the high hormonal level. What's more, since the inner environment of vagina can be affected by the menstrual blood, vagina can be a better place for bacteria to bloom. Secondly, women also have to avoid lots of glucocorticoids, or it will lead to endocrine disorders, irregular menses, and heavy menstrual blood and so on. Thirdly, Women also have to avoiding taking medicines which has the function of anticoagulation, or they may have to face massive haemorrhage. Therefore, it is cleaver for Miss Xu to ask questions before taking fuyan pills.

Should Miss Xu take a pause during menses? The answer is yes. Based on the instruction of Fuyan pill(global.fuyanpills.com/Fuyan_pill/), it says that this Fuyan pill adds a lot of herbs like flos carthami which can promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis in. Therefore, it has the function of promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis. Therefore, this is the reason why other diseases like endometriosis, pelvic adhesion can also be solved by it.

However, as I mentioned above that during menses, women should avoid medicines which has the function of anticoagulation. And the promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis are equivalent to the anticoagulation. Therefore, it is necessary to take a medical pause during menses period. However, there are lots of treatments for PID(global.fuyanpills.com/DT/pelvic_inflammation/2013/0930/517.html), so if you are unsure about take it or not during menses, please consult doctors first.

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