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Weight is a sensitive issue for women. Most women have faced this issue at least once in their life. Some fight it; some just give up while others hope for a miracle to happen. Some go for medical and surgical solutions. Women tend to accumulate fat over various regions of the body, face, neck, shoulder blades, back, waist, tummy, thigh and arms. Well that's just about all of it, but tummy and waist fat is the worst nightmare of all.

There is an ad about a new weight loss center, or fitness training center almost every day. One often googles best gym for ladies and even female personal fitness trainers when overly concerned about their own fitness. Thinking behind it is that the woman who is most fit will most certainly provide the best course of advice for them. Some medications claim to help with weight loss, while some maintain that certain natural procedures will give you a lean, thin body in a few weeks. So in a sea of information about weight loss, about fitness, daily print and media ads, amongst the best promotional campaign and let's not forget the internet, how does one decide? How do you pick between exercise, yoga, fitness center, gym, medicines and surgery? Sure, money would be a factor, not everyone can afford a surgery. Time is another such factor, in the everyday busy life; we don't seem to have enough time for anything. Also third governing factor would be the trainer, who is instructing. If you have a good trainer, then half your battle is won, since he/she will know exactly what your body needs and how best to proceed towards your desired goal. And the last part of this would be the will. If one want to one can, lose weight, gain fitness and achieve everything that one wants. Your drive can come from within, from outside environment or anything else. Half the people quit gyms and fitness centers within the starting week. That's more dangerous than not joining. It weakens your resolve and breaks your determination.


For the people who get most of their information from internet as to what to do and what not to do, starting the right way tends to become a problem. All the sites tell you something different, what will you do? Most start with a light workout session, jog or brisk walk followed by some light cardio. One big question of cardio is the order of exercises. There has never been a methodical, scientific research that has determined with any conviction which order of exercises is most advantageous. Nor is there any research about the cardio and strength training effects on the body.

Focus should be laid when planning a session is combining cardio, flexibility and strength exercises in your routine workout. Also warm up sessions pre and post workout are as important as the routine itself. These sessions prepare body for the rigorous exercise that it is about to endure. This also protects the body from sudden injuries and fatigues while building stamina. Also exercises you pick should not be based on opinions or excerpts from the internet, one should follow the routine that one likes doing and follow that. Being happy is a very important part of being fit. No one workout should be crazily followed and exercises should be done in moderation. Eating healthy, following a wholesome lifestyle and staying away from stress on a general principle contributes to a happy and healthy individual. To quote Henry David Thoreau: “Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” Focus on small things that you can do, do things the better way and the bigger picture will assemble itself as per you.

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