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White discharge from the vagina in women is a condition that is referred to as leucorrhea. It is a common condition that is experienced by women of different age groups at some time or other in their lifetime. The reason is that the genital passage in female is highly prone to infections as they are moist and kept covered always.

Furthermore, women also tend to sweat more in that area, thereby increasing the chances of inflammation and infection. The unfortunate thing here is that women are highly embarrassed by this issue as a foul smell is associated with white discharge. Also, many of them feel embarrassed about talking about this condition with their doctor. But, this condition should be treated; otherwise it can turn out to be chronic. This is where women can treat white discharge naturally without having to visit their doctor. How is it possible? Let us find here:

Herbal remedies:

When talking about natural cure for this issue, women are recommended to take Gynex capsules that are purely natural with the natural ingredients to provide the best results for women in getting out of this issue in a safe manner. But, before getting into the details about these capsules, it would be wise to understand the reasons behind the condition:

Causes of white discharge:


  1. Infections caused due to fungi, bacteria and other parasites and even urinary tract infection is a common cause for white discharge in women.
  2. Any form of trauma or injury to the cervix, vagina or the womb, which is common during pregnancy is also stated as a common cause.
  3. Poor hygiene and lack of cleanliness can be the contributing factor.
  4. Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause white discharge.
  5. Low nutritious diet.
  6. Irritation caused due to objects like intrauterine contraceptive device.
  7. Some health issues like diabetes and anemia can also be the reason behind white discharge.
  8. In some women, stress can also be the reason behind the issue.

How do Gynex capsules help?

These capsules can help women to treat white discharge naturally because of the effective ingredients present and here are the details about some ingredients that make this product the best:

Godanti hadtal bhasma: This is stated as the best remedy for headache and in modern terms this ingredient is called as gypsum. It is added to Gynex capsules because of the following reasons:

  1. It can help in treating wounds.
  2. It can reduce the symptoms of inflammation in genital passage in women.
  3. It can work as an immune stimulant and can fight against cancer as well.
  4. It has curative properties and so it can cure different issues in women.

Subhar Bhasma: This ingredient can cure different issues related to reproductive and genital systems in women, thereby forming part of Gynex capsules to treat white discharge naturally.

In addition, this herbal remedy has other ingredients like mochras, nagkesar, ashwagandha, ashoka and lodhra as well.

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