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Urinary tract infection is commonly caused by bacterial invasion. At the same time, it usually accompanies bacteriuria and pyuria. Urinary tract infection is divided into the upper UTI and lower urinary tract infection according to infection site; it can be also divided into isolated or sporadic infection and recurrent UTIs based on the relationship between the twice infections; it can be classified into simple urinary tract infection, complex UTI and urinary sepsis depending on the patients' state in the onset.

The infection pathway and symptoms of male UTI

It should be pointed out that urinary tract infection is not only popular in women, but also common for men. So it is very important for men to pay attention to this problem. There are four infection pathways: uplink , direct, blood and lymphatic. In general, some male patients tend to have these kinds of symptoms: urinary frequency, urgency, urine pain, even poisoning. In addition, for male patients urinary tract infection can cause chronic UTI, even sexual dysfunction and infertility.

Is a sitz bath good for urinary tract infection


Sitz bath is the most common method for treatment in medical community. It is not sitting in the bath tub but making your inflamed parts in the warm water. The benefits of sitz bath are mainly composed by the following. First, it can promote the blood circulation. Second, it is good for metabolism. Third, one of the biggest roles of sitz bath is to eliminate fatigue and improve the sleep quality. Fourth, through a sitz bath, the liquid drug enters the body. And this is effective to activate collaterals, harmonize qi and blood, improve the function of the body, and enhance immunity. If cooperating with different fumigants, it will have the function of eliminating all sorts of inflammation of prostatitis, sexual dysfunction and hemorrhoids, etc. So you see this illness is also a kind of inflammation, to some extent, a sitz bath also good for it. But, a sitz bath can't instead of any medicine.

Right and effective medicine

Through the first two paragraphs, we can know urinary tract infection is mainly caused by inflammation. Therefore, some traditional Chinese medicines are better choices for anti-inflammation and sterilization. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill invented by Xiaoping Li can cure men's reproductive diseases like epididymitis, prostatitis, sperm problem caused by infection, chlamydia infection, mycoplasma infection. It should be pointed out that diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can also improve our body's internal organizational environment and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Actually, it is absolutely effective for male patients suffering urinary tract infection to choose diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill and keep a healthy lifestyle.

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