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According to clinical display, as the number of pregnancy and abortion increase, the likelihood of ectopic gestation will be greater. In addition, contraceptive failure, abuse of birth control pills, frequently smoking and drinking, will also increase the incidence of ectopic pregnancy. Smoking, drinking, also increase the incidence of ectopic pregnancy. Women who drink and smoke for a long time, the oviduct cavity prone to narrow, the function of cilium swings will down, the peristalsis of fallopian tube wall is bad, there will be not conducive to the fertilized egg to “settle down” to the uterus. Women should regularly take a examination as soon as possible. Along with the increase of infertility women, in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer become one of the major conventional technologies for treating infertility. Fallopian tubes inflammation and pathological changes of pelvic inflammatory disease are become the main cause of ectopic pregnancies. Prevention is very important for women of childbearing age.

The fertilized egg is in the womb implantation fir normal pregnant women, and ectopic pregnancy refers to the fertilized egg implant in the part of outside uterine cavity, also known as ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is one of the most common acute abdominal disease for women of childbearing age, the incidence of it is about 2%.An inflammation of the fallopian tube is the most comment cause of ectopic pregnancy. Inflammation of department of gynaecology, such as colpitis, cervicitis, and pelvic inflammatory disease can upward infect the fallopian tubes and causing the fallopian tubes inflammation. Pelvic inflammatory disease can increase 3 times the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

The occurrence of ectopic pregnancy brings a lot of psychological damage for women. If don't make a diagnosis and give treatment in time, it can be life-threatening in serious period. Therefore women of childbearing age should cultivate good habits, especially for unmarried women should pay attention to avoid unwanted pregnancies and prevent infection after miscarriage. It is also important to avoid unclean sex life and short-term abortion.


How to prevent the ectopic pregnancy?

First of all, women should develop good habits, do not smoke and drink alcohol. Work and rest regularly, less to stay up late. If women have inflammation of department of gynaecology, shall be go to the hospital as early as possible to standardize the effective treatment.

Second, if couple have family planning, should prepare for urine pregnancy test paper to self-test, once found pregnant should go to a doctor as early as possible. Because ectopic pregnancy can make a diagnosis and give treatment in early period, such as going on conservative treatments with medicine.

Chinese traditional medicine have a good effect in treating inflammation of department of gynaecology, such as Fuyan pill, it can eliminate inflammation of uterus, help you go out of the misery of gynecological disease

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