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Women suffer a great threaten in health of physical and mental by gynecological diseases for a long time. If treatment of western medicines are chosen by women when some diseases are cured, side effect and difficulty of curing the disease originally are two side effects. TCM is more suitable to be chosen to cure many gynecological diseases actually.

In women, for infertility, a sign which is possible is period which is irregular

Women nowadays are troubled a lot by a disease which is common, too little or too much blood in period, in blood of period there are many blood clots, ovulatory bleeding, delayed or brought forward period, dysmenorrheal etc are its symptoms. A combination of irregular and infertility can be treated by women as a sign which can't be ignored even it is not the direct reason like many women thought.

Hormonotheraypy is worried by some women for its side effect which is big even it is used normally in western medicines. By knowing the cycle which is menstrual and in blood change, blood color, texture and all the symptoms in whole body, the disease can be treated by TCM, from four aspects the disease can be cured by a way which is dialectic. Western medical way can cause side effect, but this side effect in curing irregular period can be avoided by TCM.


Climacteric syndrome in women

Climacteric syndrome is forgetfulness, dizzy, sweat, more sweat, sleeplessness, palpitations, irritability, irregular periods are symptoms before or after menopause for women who are 40-50 years old. Caused by osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, CHD, hypertension, are more possible to be got by women, also in mental, patients are tormented by it.

For thousands of years, the disease's curing and knowing has a history by TCM, professor Cheng said, the theory which is main are kidney's supplement and liver's nourish, a method contains stomach and spleen's strengthen, the disease can be prevented from becoming worse by this. A dynamic equilibrium can appear by treatment of TCM, also it can improve patients and environment which is inner, function of system which is internal secretion, adjust hormone in patients, shorten treatment course and decrease symptoms.

Other than that, many diseases if cured by TCM, after clinical trials, can get better effects than by western medicines, like habitual abortion, adenomyosis, ovarian cyst, polycystic ovarian syndrome, POF and chronic PID as inflammations in gynecology.

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