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Many women face the problem of irregular or painful monthly cycles, the condition which either causes bleeding too early e.g. in 20 days or delays bleeding by more than 30 days. Along with the change in days after which the bleeding happens, the change may be visible in the duration of bleeding and the volume of bleeding. Sometimes, the condition results in less bleeding and the women have six to eight monthly cycles in a year. The irregularity in the flow can be regulated by taking home remedies to stop irregular periods.

Home remedies to stop irregular periods such as Gynecure capsules contain many natural ingredients which are powerful regulator of bodily functions. Bombax malabaricum can be found in the home remedies to stop irregular periods. The roots of the tree have cadinane sesquiterpenoids which include five different phyto chemicals that are effective in curing gastrointestinal conditions. The plant releases a gum like substance which is used as semul gum in Ayurvedic medicines. The leaves of the plant are anti-inflammatory in natures. Also it has aphrodisiac properties and it can heal abscesses in body. Especially, it is believed to be strong in promoting skin health. The flowers of the plant are used as laxatives and as gum. The seeds are effective in the treatment of gonorrheae. Traditionally, the bark of the tree was used to cure inflammation in body. It helps in sealing secondary infections.

Areca catechu is an ingredient of the home remedies to stop irregular periods known for antimicrobial properties. It reduces infections in the body organs. It is also effective in increasing the elasticity of weak muscles. When taken orally it reduces the symptoms of aging such as thinning of muscles and loss of muscle strength.


Barringtonia acutangula can be found in the home remedies to stop irregular periods which are used as antibiotic. It works as an anti tumour and inhibits the growth of helicobacter pylori in human body. It is antinociceptive and antifungal in nature. The bark of the medicinal tree contains opioids which work as painkiller. The leaf extract was successful in reducing fungal growth e.g. Candida albicans, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus fumigatus and Aspergillus niger. These properties make it effective in reducing the level of impurities of blood.

Sphaeranthus indicus was found to be effective in reducing blood glucose levels during a laboratory test and the effects were related to the immune system of the body. The compound 7-hydroxyfrullanolide collected from the flower heads was able to reduce inflammation. It was able to lessen cytokines, which was released from stimulated PBMC. In another study, 150 mg to 300 mg of the herb could suppress Mast cell degranulation, which shows its anti allergic effects. Its effects in the mast cell degranulation were stronger than medicine ketotifen fumarate.

Home remedies to stop irregular periods contain similar strong herbs that can regulate the flow of endocrines to prevent deficiency or excess of any chemicals in the body. It can enhance the body metabolism, promote digestive health, regulates body reactions and revive the normal flow of blood to regulate monthly cycle in a safe healthy manner.

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