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It can be hard for a couple aspiring to get pregnant through an IVF treatment to accept the termination of their cycle due to poor response of their bodies. Even after already being aware that the condition of their body might not facilitate pregnancy, people still latch on to that last string of hope in their hearts that makes them believe that there is a chance that their IVF cycle would result in a pregnancy. But when it does not happen, it breaks their hearts and overcoming from the fact that they would never bear a baby of their own is nearly impossible.

It seems to shatter their world that they cannot have a baby bearing the same DNA as them. Furthermore, it's something that most women prefer to be kept covert and they don't feel comfortable in sharing it with anyone. Worst is when their spouses do not empathize with them and are unable to understand the hurt they are going through.



After a failed IVF cycle, it is revealed that though the patient's ovarian reserve was sufficient, her ovarian response was low. Now that the patient knows about it, she can opt for a different treatment to cure the problem or choose other ways such as adoption. Also, it is important to note how her ovaries respond to super-ovulation. If they do not respond as needed even after hyper stimulation, then the patient needs to understand and accept that getting pregnant is not possible for her and focus on other methods to obtain a child. It's true that many of such females must have thought of IVF to be the last resort to expand their family but in reality, it isn't. Nevertheless, such women should look at their situation with a “glass half full” attitude rather than being overwhelmed by negativity and should move forward with positivity.

Patients must do research and carefully choose their doctors that would help them and guide them well throughout the process. IVF specialists at one of the best IVF Centers in Delhi, Indira IVF Center, advise IVF patients to not be close-minded when it comes to their child and offer the various options available to them such as donor eggs, donor embryos or adoption, scrutinize them all and reach a satisfying conclusion. Indira IVF center boasts of India's most experienced and helpful IVF specialists that counsel and motivate their patients very well and help them make knowledgeable and open-minded decisions.

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