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Many women suffer from painful monthly flow where the pain can be unmanageable and steady. The cramps and inflammation can make it difficult for the women to concentrate on their everyday work. Many women suffer from painful monthly cycles where they either have abnormal monthly flow or they suffer from medical conditions which causes the pain. The problem of endometriosis is one of the conditions which raise the volume of flow and increases pain.

Mood swings, bloating and diarrhea can accompany such a condition where the pain in the female reproductive organs transfers to the intestinal region. The conditions of irregular flow is referred to as oligomenorrhea, and in many cases, simple painkillers are given to regulate the conditions. In certain cases of endometrioses, surgeries may be recommended by the experts to cure painful periods. Surprisingly the problem affects women during the on-start of monthly flow and even after surgery; the pain may not be controlled. Additional medicines are given which can completely stop the flow and this makes it difficult for them to conceive and lead a normal life. Rather herbal oligomenorrhea supplements offer safe alternatives to regulate monthly flow, where they may be able to lead a normal fertile life and eliminate pain from their life completely.

Herbal oligomenorrhea supplements Gynecure capsule is made up of herbs which are very effective in reducing the problems of infertility and pain in women. Women suffering from weight problem and irregular monthly flow are recommended the herb Cichorium intybus extracts to regulate irregularity caused by excess weight. Certain components in the herb induce analgesic effects. This effect was widely tested and proved positive on laboratory rats. Herbal oligomenorrhea supplements contain this herb along with more than 20 other herbs in regulated quantity and there are many other benefits of taking the herb regularly. It reduces the volume of flow and controls bleeding. Traditionally, it was prescribed to cure microbial infections and wounds in body.


Herbal oligomenorrhea supplements contain the herb Symplocos racemosa. The problem of leukorrhea can also be controlled by taking the herb Symplocos racemosa. It can also treat the problem of anemia and cure gum bleeding. It reduces pain and inflammation in women. Traditionally it was given to women in post delivery phase to regulate bleeding and to cure painful periods.

Bombax malabaricum can be found in the remedy which has antimicrobial property and is rich in antioxidants.

There are certain herbs in the remedy which have properties to regulate the condition of hypothyroidism. These herbs can improve the liver conditions to prevent excessive bleeding caused by advanced liver diseases. The herbs can reduce the toxic compounds in body responsible for the production of chemicals which cause irregularity and excess outflow of blood during the monthly flow. Herbal oligomenorrhea supplements contain saffron that improves the mental power and cure painful periods caused by depression. Women suffering from uterine infections can completely cure their problem by taking the herbal remedy that can cure different types of infections in body.

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