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In some countries, there's still a taboo that exists surrounding the subject, so many women feel uncomfortable discussing it even with doctors. But this condition may affect health, sexual life and a couple's relationship, when not addressed. Here we'll discuss the potential causes or risks to developing it.


  • Decrease in estrogen: As a woman ages, the production of estrogen in the ovaries decreases. It's the hormone that stimulates glands in the vagina to secrete mucus , making the skin around the area healthy. Estrogen also helps with the production of glycogen, a compound known to help protect the vagina from infections. This decline causes the vaginal walls to become thin and eventually makes the vulva shrink. A Remedies For Vaginal Dryness In London specialist can offer several options in addressing this.
  • Surgery to remove ovaries: As estrogen is secreted by the ovaries, their removal naturally alters this process and causes dryness, itching or redness of the vaginal area.
  • Childbirth or breastfeeding: Postpartum estrogen levels are lower, although this usually returns to normal after some time. Lactation also affects secretion of the hormone due to prolactin and the loss of placental estrogen.
  • Medications and treatment: Nonmenopausal women undergoing radiation therapy, chemotheraphy, oophorectomy are at risk of astrophoc vaginitis. Same goes with people ingesting anti-estrogen medications to treat illnesses.
  • Infections: Any infection in the vaginal area caused by viruses or bacteria, may amplify the effects of vaginal atrophy, if not reported to an atrophic vaginitis treatment in London clinic immediately.
  • Irritation and reactions to products: Most products contain substances that can be harmful in the long run, or when not properly used. Such include soaps or detergents, spermicides, lubricants, powders, condoms, tampons and perineal pads. Tight clothes might even be a risk factor.
  • Psychological issues: Fear, stress, sexual trauma, violence, partner issues are psychological reasons that may cause vaginal atrophy, specifically dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse). If this is the patient's case, an atrophic vaginitis treatment in London clinic may refer her to the services of a therapist to address the negative emotions.

Detecting the existence of the condition is better before you attempt to visit your atrophic vaginitis treatment in London specialist. Below we've pointed out signs and symptoms. You may not have all of them.

  • Dyspareunia: As pointed above, pain during coitus is a common symptom of atrophic vaginitis. The pain can be upon penetration or is deep inside the vagina. Dyspareunia is due to insufficient lubrication inside the vagina. We've got a specialist at London on dyspareunia for such cases, so feel free to ask.
  • Physical changes in the external genitalia: Women will usually notice dryness, decrease in elasticity, paleness/whiteness, smoothness and different skin turgor or lesions in the vulva region. A sparsity of pubic hair might be noticed as well.
  • Vaginal discharge: Vaginal discharge has an unpleasant smell. This will usually be white or yellow in color.
  • Feelings of discomfort: This happens most especially when the genitalia is sore.
  • Itchiness, Redness or a Burning feeling: The vulva area becomes more sensitive and more likely to experience discomforts during menopausal stage which can cause an itch-scratch cycle.
  • Urinary or Gall problems: Let your specialist at London on dyspareunia know if you have urinary problems. The thinning of the tissues in the urethra or bladder will affect urination. Women can experience pain, have urinary tract infections or see blood included in their urine.

Vaginal atrophy (VA) is a common enough condition for women especially as they age, so it shouldn't be a cause for shame. Rather, it's a way of telling your body that it's time you shift your techniques a notch higher, and look for a remedies for vaginal dryness in London specialist, to continue a fulfilling and meaningful relationship with your partner.

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