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With the development of society and the economy, lots of people bear so many burdens on their shoulder. They have to raise children, take care of parents, and so on. So a large number of people are stay in a weak immunity situation and easily to be invaded by disease such as fallopian tube blockage.

Fallopian tube blockage is a common disease and infertility is the mainly consequence of this condition, which accounting for 25%-35% among all female infertility reasons. Why the infertility rate of tubal blockage is so high and who does this condition bring infertility to women?

As is known to all that fallopian tube is an important organ in pregnancy. Fallopian tube not only is the pass of sperm, but also the fertilization room of sperm and egg. If one has her fallopian tube blocked, the sperm is unable to pass, not mention to fertilize with egg. So this is how infertility happens.

Due to this reason, fallopian tube blockage treatment is necessary and inevitable. Herbal medicine named Fuyan pill is the one that should be commended most. This herbal medicine is good at curing fallopian tubal blockage.


As an oral herbal medicine, Fuyan pill contains more than 50 herbs in and every herb has its own unique function. Take the red flower for example. this herb is good at promoting blood circulation. The herb like houttuynia cordata is good at clearing toxic materials and infection. This herbal medicine also has many other functions that these single herbs don't have such as enhancing immunity and promoting self-healing ability.

Fuyan pill, as a fallopian tube blockage treatment, is better than traditional treatment such as surgery and antibiotic therapy, even though surgery and antibiotics are also good treatment for fallopian tubal blockage. Compare to antibiotics, Fuyan pill won't bring drug resistance to women and its effect will be as good as the first day. What's more, Fuyan pill also won't bring damages to organs like liver and kidney.

Unlike the surgery, women who are going to take Fuyan pill as the fallopian tubal blockage treatment also have no need to worry about the postoperative infection. Fuyan pill is a conservative treatment and it is one of the safest treatments for women with fallopian tubal blockage.

All in all, Fuyan pill is the most suitable fallopian tube treatment and also the most effective alternative treatment of fallopian tubal blockage.

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