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Just like other body parts, Sperms and Eggs are also donated. These Gamets are used to create embryos in cases of infertility. However, this is not a very simple process or arrangement. It takes time to find a donor who can produce healthy eggs with genetic constitute desirable by the recipient and her partner. On top of that, usually the success rate is 50% to 60%. Repeated tries can make this whole endeavour a very expensive one. It is important to find the right donor and for that one needs to find a dependable egg donation centre. The problem lies here! How to understand which Egg Donation Centre is reliable? For that one needs to understand what is egg donation, who is a right kind of donor, the success rate and the factors they are dependent on and then they need to check the history of the clinic and their success rate. So let's begin with,

The Egg donation process

When the female partner fails to produce fertile eggs, often eggs from another healthy female i.e. the donor is taken. That egg is fertilized by the sperm of recipient's male partner and placed inside the womb of the recipient. Here, the donor stays anonymous.

The right kind of donor


The right kind of donor is anyone who can provide healthy, fertile eggs and is between the ages of 21 to 35. She should be mentally fit and willingly donate the eggs and should not have any hereditary disease. Often the intended parents have some desired traits that they want their children to have. Often the donor is selected on the basis of the required or needed traits like an Asian couple would prefer the egg of an Asian donor. In case you are concerned about the ethnicity of the child, be sure that the egg donation centre has donors of your ethnicity.

Success rate and the factors affecting it

Success rate varies from person to person and depends on factors like the age of the recipient, medical condition of the recipient etc. The doctors who will take care of it and the infrastructure of the clinic as well as the donation centre also play a very vital role.

Now that you know about the whole procedure, you should be able to figure out, which donation centre is reliable. Do not believe if they say they have more than 60% success rate as such high success rate is not possible. Things you can do to find the right centre are:

  1. Take recommendation from your gynaecologist or fertility specialist. They will know about more centres than you can find online.
  2. Find out the history of the centre – their success rate, about their infrastructure and technology, find out how extensive their donor database is and talk to their expert.

Delhi has many good infertility clinics. One of them is Delhi-IVF. This 20 year old clinic has the highest success rate in India and has a very extensive donor database.

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