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The process of monthly shedding of the uterus lining refers to menstrual cycle in women. During the start of puberty women normally have irregular release of vaginal lining which gets regulated after a certain age. In some women the monthly shedding happens very regularly in 28 to 30 days, and in some cases, the shedding may take place after 30 to 40 days. The condition is said to be irregular menstrual problem, if the days after which the shedding takes place changes every month. Normally when the woman is pregnant the bleeding may stop but sometimes, a woman suffers from irregularity or stopping of bleeding even when not pregnant. The abnormality indicates the release of vaginal lining before 20 days to after 30 days.

Herbal supplements to treat irregular menstrual problems provide a great way to reduce the inconvenience caused by such conditions. Gynecure capsules are widely used for the purpose. The capsules are made up of phyto-compounds which can regulate a number of related factors such as deficiencies of nutrients, infections, poor blood circulation and brain to body coordination, digestive disorders and weakness of the body.

The health condition generally causes discomfort due to unpredictable release of blood which is accompanied by extreme pain. The pain and inflammation in the female reproductive organs can further raise a number of issues. Herbal supplements to treat irregular menstrual problems are empowered with natural analgesics that can reduce the symptoms of pain and inflammation.


Causes and treatment: Sometimes, the problem happens when the women is either excessively stressed or has an imbalance of the endocrines. The intake of birth control pills can cause an imbalance in the flow of endocrines. This can also happens due to excessive exercising, PCOS or thickening of uterine lining. Fibroids are one of the most common reasons which raise a number of issues related to monthly flow. The conventional ways to treat irregular menstrual problems involve painkiller and supplements for increasing secretions from endocrines, however, the herbal supplements to treat irregular menstrual problems empower the body for reducing stress and prevent the release of painful chemicals due to stress. It empowers the glands to promote the secretion of desired chemicals and it also reduces the formation of fibroids in the female organs.

The herbal supplements to treat irregular menstrual problems contain Guattaria longifolia which is a medicinal tree that can help in detoxifying the body. It reduces the speed of aging and also is effective in reducing burning sensation or pain in the female organs. It reduces the pain caused by irregular monthly flow, and was commonly given to women suffering from dysmenorrhea problem. The stem, root and the leaves of the tree can regulate the flow of monthly cycle.

There are more than twenty different types of similar herbs and phyto-chemicals mixed in the right amount and in the right ratio in the capsule, which empowers the female body, altogether to reduce the symptoms of pain and inflammation. Herbal supplements to treat irregular menstrual problems helps in regulating the monthly cycle by empowering the body with nutrients, improving the secretions from endocrines and reducing the impact of stress on body.

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