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When we hear the word endometriosis, what comes to mind is that it is a disease that is hard to cure. However, more studies have been made to cure the disease and it is not a big deal about the disease.

Endometriosis is a chronic disease. In that sense, there is no cure for endometriosis, but the symptoms can be reduced with the right treatment. Communication is the key to finding a treatment that fits you. Please discuss your options with your doctor and ask any questions you may have. Your doctor will be happy to explain the different options and answer your questions.

When the doctor suspects a woman to have endometriosis related pain, the patient and the doctor can decide that without a definite diagnosis (made by a laparoscopy) the pain is treated as if the patient has endometriosis. This is called empirical treatment or treatment without a definitive diagnosis.


For painful symptoms suspected to be caused by endometriosis, empirical treatment includes analgesia, hormonal contraceptives or progestagens.

Since GnRH analogues have considerable side effects and are very expensive, doctors and patients should consider not using this type of drugs for empirical treatment.

Fuyan pill is the creation of Dr. Lee who spent over 30 years on researching into the female's diseases, and it is a combination of the modern TCM theories and Dr. Lee's clinical experience. The medicine not only contains the essence of the ancient TCM but also develop based on it. Fuyan pill can detoxify and is helpful for the blood circulation as well as anti-fiber and some other functions. Now fuyan pill is mainly used to cure the infection caused by chlamydia, infection in the vagina, and cervix infection, PID, endometriosis and other diseases in females.

Fuyan pill consists of many Chinese herbs which will work together to cure disease, and each herbs are very good at curing the diseases like that. Besides, the medicine will never cause side-effects, and that's why fuyan pill is much better than some of the western medicine like antibiotics. Therefore, if you stilldo not know what choose, then fuyan pill is the option for you.

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