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Aiming at making the vagina moist and preventing from vaginal infection, normal vaginal discharge, which sometimes is clear, thin, sticky, and elastic and sometimes is thick and gooey in white or off-white colors, takes place regularly. As we all know, vaginal discharge varies throughout the menstrual cycle in different amounts, colors and textures. Normally, there's a clear or white odorless vaginal discharge before period, increasing proportionally with the levels of estrogen. The closer to the menstrual period, the redder and thicker the vaginal discharge turns into. It's totally natural and nothing to worry about. However in the case of abnormal vaginal discharge before period listed bellow, women are supposed to consider some common diseases primarily.

A very white and thick vaginal discharge which looks like cottage cheese, accompanied with a severe itching and burning sensation as well as vaginal swelling and redness, may indicate a yeast infection caused by candida. Overuse of antibiotics can increase the risk of yeast infection. So when you are using antibiotic treatment to combat other infections, it's not surprise to see this abnormal vaginal discharge.



A thin and grayish vaginal discharge with a strong unpleasant odor smelling like fish is most likely to provide clue to bacterial vaginosis. Despite the fact that antibiotics are recommended firstly in treating bacterial vaginosis, it's better to use Chinese herbal medicine like “Fuyan Pill” to avoid the side effect of overuse of antibiotics mentioned above.

A yellow-green, frothy and smelly vaginal discharge can be rated as one characteristic symptom of trichomoniasis. In this case, vaginal itching and pain during urination may be caused as well. To treat trichomoniasis, it's a good idea to use a single dose of an antibiotic, usually either metronidazole or tinidazole taken by mouth. Furthermore, “Fuyan Pill” also plays an important role to keep the recurrence of trichomoniasis in check.

An unusual vaginal discharge, resembling rice water with cacosmia, probably brings the bad news that you get cervical cancer. In addition, the added symptoms like pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding or spotting which doesn't occur during a menstrual period, more confirm the likelihood of cervical cancer which often doesn't cause any signs or symptoms in its early phase. Therefore, it's necessary to have regular check-ups including Pap smear tests which are good at monitoring and controlling the risk of cervical cancer for those with history of human papillomavirus.

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